It is number half of 100, but sounds like 50%.
It is my age, I don’t feel anything different from yesterday but amazed myself as a number.

I am not much changed what people say since my 20’s.
Because of my mental age of 27.
I ‘ve tried to be better, to be good and to be the best for my life…..
I am forever 27. Not over not going back so just right age of my estimated mental age.
Since this is my blog, I celebrate my half way of 50% of achievement of my life.
Not too ambitious but not less progress just right with my speed of life achievement.
I don’t need to pose I am free from anything ūüôā

New creation on the plate…

Christmas is near to us…

I like cooking all sort of things just for fun.

I made a pie that I proud of their taste, so just I thought good time to write about this season!

Image is 1 hour baking time, I had to bake further half hour, but it was bit too much ,so I would say 75-85 min is ideal baking time. And I didn’t graze the pie, but highly recommend to graze and put some trimming on top of the pie ūüôā
I served with bacon, onion, garlic, and mushroom with cream and chopped parsley pasta ( the main purpose was clearing the fridge so I used leftover of pasta )
Slice of the pie, bottom layer – sausage meat, middle layer – boiled egg, and chopped olive
Top layer – Vegetarien Haggis

Toco’s Veggie Haggis and sausage pie

1 Short crust pastry ( Ready to use )

1 vegetarian Haggis ( Ready to use )

1 sausage meat ( Ready to use )

4 boiled eggs

1 egg or milk for graze on the pie

I used all ready to use the material. So there is no stress for the cooking!
Put the crusty pasty in the cake tin ( about 22 cm diameter 8 cm depth )
place the sausage meat in the case directly, so when you bake to make sure
the crust is baked on the bottom that is the indication of sausage meat is cooked.
Saved with roast vegetable and pasta salad, with gravy for the choice.
Bake in the meatloaf tin is good, too.
I think instead of crusty pastry, puff pastry also a good combination!
Instead of chopped olive, I suggest chestnuts for the Christmas time?!
I will try this for Burn’s supper… : )

Let me know if you try this at home!!

Service, rather than the products!

It has been a quick year.
I can’t tell it was a great year..

I lost my dearest dad it was very very very painful…
But same time, I have met many friends and family who are helpful and believing in me…
I am so lucky to meet people like them, and I would really love to continue helping and encouraging to be better each others.  

2019…It will be another challenging year.
I think as a human in general, it is important to be trying to be better yourself.

The past year, I have been making lots of products related designs‚Ķbut I listen to my dad’s word ” life is all about ” Dan shari ”  – Art of decluttering and organzing
It will be my lifetime motivation! 

I shall try my best for your service in 2019.




My motive and my wish for Christmas!!


I am not the person excited about Christmas…
I love the decoration and display in the street and town.

But that is all I love about it….no no, I like family gathering…

I am happy to cook for the family around any time…

Just I couldn’t keep my space to be showroom condition…

2019 I will change that!!

Maybe just 3 weeks to Christmas, but still I have 4 weeks to start by end of the year!!

I started to clear my room…then my floor got a problem,,. it wasn’t easy as I wished…

I wish my motive and wish come true!!

Beautiful Christmas Display at Royal Palace 2018 from Royal Collection’s newsletter…


2018 Scotland International Fashion Festival Glasgow

It was a fantastic time announced as an “International Fashion Designer”

Model @Wiktoria
Photographer @Nas Din

Models 1@Mhairi Waddell 2@Tumpa Saha 3@Sukhi Singh 4@Megan Kavanagh                                          1@AnuLiimola 2@Shannon Martin 3@Heather Waddell 4@Yasmin Trendy                     Photographer @ Paul Francis McGugan




















I have been working in Fashion for quite a number of years.
I trained all round for fashion at the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo,
then got the job as a hat designer in Tokyo,
studied further millinery advance in London, and got the job as a milliner in London…

Still, I wasn’t¬†sure where to go next…but I like the idea I can make both hats and dresses.

When I studied at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo,

I showcasing my collection for the first time there in public.

I was already doing¬†hats and outfits all the time, since then…

I will keep at that, and any occasions, but I really enjoy special occasion like competing for an occasion.

So If you have any special occasion, please let me know, I can help you with the eye-catching design, just for you!!

Designer 2

Summertime is switched to Wintertime,
means day is getting shorter and shorter…

Wintertime we need to motivate yourself!!

I just realized how serious it is seeing the location of Scotland.
I was so shocked when I see this map related where I was born and where I am now.
( image by https://www.scotland.org/about-scotland/where-is-scotland )

Edinburgh is 55 degree. London is 51 degree. Tokyo is 35 degree that is similar latitude to LA, Malta, Morocco…

So we need some entertainment for yourself.

Things we haven’t done for a long time…

Finally managed to see ” Incredible¬†2 ”

They never disappoint us!
Quality of the graphic is amazing…Their hair’s detail is unreal!!

Again, Designer ” Edna Mode ” is making us very entertaining!!

Oh, I wish I could make myself such strong character s her!!

I so recommend for any age for this film!! Such entertainment for Friday night!

Process of the bespoke service…

The process of the bespoke service…

I live with you, so understand the lifestyle has changed now…

I was brought up in Japan.

My mum used to make my clothes including¬† jumper,¬† School Uniform ( Hand knitted, machine knitted, occasion dress, jacket, coat, and cape, hand embroidered napkins for my school lunch and bag. )¬† everything¬†from scratch¬†for all 4 kids…

So I couldn’t buy the clothes until my teenage. ( I know I was so spoiled to have a wonderful mum who made all my clothes. )
I am used to designing my clothes and my mum make them for me.

Most of the clothes took 2-4 weeks, but she never did like her job, just for family members.

Perhaps, that is the reason, I can’t help making stuff.

I have the desire to buy things.
Most of my clothes are from the supermarket ( recently ) or charity shop never from online…

Occasionally I alter my outfits to make it completely different.

Bargen from the high street retail shop.

It was a dress but Length was not my style, so I chopped and made a top. Rest of the fabric became matching flat cap. I got complements many occasions from the people when I wear them even at the supermarket.. lol


I used rest of the fabric and added similar faux leather. And I wear a black leather pencil skirt to finish!!














That way, not wasting and¬†keeping a style for you, too. ūüôā

People’s conscious is changing slowly and big way.

Fashion brand? Collaboration is non stop!!

Fashion…..there is no more brand credibility?!

There are licensing and branding…

As a designer, all of them need to care…

Marketing, sales…also need to know…If you can do everything yourself, you will be great in the fashion business.

Because the world changed for the lifestyle, Buying style, big fashion brand need to consider their way of marketing!!


H&M image collaboration with Moschino will sale November.



Hat off for the genius business mind!!

I would even run to the H&M for these ūüôā

I like creating things for the customer who needs their own style…..Just letting people know if you need some help! ūüôā x

Just thinking about the fashion…..


It was great to showcase my designs in Edinburgh kids fashion festival 22nd September 2018.


It has been a long time to¬†decide on the venue…
I had one opportunity that I was really looking for that had to cancel for the great reason.

It wasn’t anybody’s fault, just as it happens sometimes because we are not selfish!!

As a designer, people think you should be aiming for Paris Fashion Week for where all the best buyers gathering.

But in my mind saying, it is not my venue…

The reason why I was thinking that way because I really don’t want to go into the trap in the bad wheel of the

fashion industry.

The big brand is just wasting their energy for producing new, but same time burning them,

to protect their brand credibility.

I would rather serve my energy to people who need for. Waste not want! 

So I feel good when I did my show in Edinburgh with part of Cancel Cancer Africa Charity show with my dear friend

model who should shine in the huge stage like in the Cinema, or Paris Fashion Week!

The background is my fantastic models who walked the catwalk at Surgeon Hall with Edinburgh Kids Fashion Festival International. White Dress with headpiece is my beautiful friend Mhairi Waddell. In gold outfits is Layla Burns both did fantastic job actors/models talented girls who have a bright future!! Image by Anne E Milne


Show time….

Hi, there

There are many big fashion shows like¬†NFW, LFW, MFW, TFW and PFW….

There are so many many to choose from….,

I mainly design and make hats and outfits for adult ladies.

I am supporting this charity with my dear friend model, Mhairi Waddell

I am showing on catwalk my designs at kids fashion festival international

next week along really talented actress/model Mhairi and more in Edinburgh.

Please come along and enjoy The show and support Cancel Cancer AfricaūüôŹ

Saturday 22nd September 2018
@Surgeon Hall Edinburgh
2:00-4:00pm ( doors open 1:45 pm )


Thank you!!