Poppy Corsage Makes You Look Great!

Let’s wear a poppy!

Lots of flowers are starting blooming. Birds are nesting, lambs are hopping in the field!!

The idea…

I had beautiful poppy red satin, a bit too early for the season,but I decided to make a poppy.

The making…

Making the pattern, I made 2 different type of petals…..I liked 3 sectioned petals better.

Cut out the fabric, stiffened them, dried, then shaping them with flower making irons.

Then stitching them to gather the petal match flower like….

Add centre parts..

The poppy!

Here is my poppy!!!

Poppy 1


Available for repeat order…

Poppy corsage

Fashion Drawing

Every New Year, we have custom to do Japanese calligraphy in Japan.

This year, my son made this in school.

shodou 中2

“Bright Future” Felix made this calligraphy in New Year 2016.


Brush and dark ink can do lots of things not only the calligraphy.

I was drawing with Ink and Blush.

This is the practise after looking Youtube video!!

This is the practice after looking Youtube video!!

Dark ink can make lots of interesting


You will need calligraphy paper which is very thin but

absorb ink very nicely.

I couldn’t stop playing.

Then, I was start drawing, Fashion Drawing!!

Perhaps, I will add some colour in the future!!

I love Blush and Ink!!

Lady well dressed perhaps living manor house somewhere in country.....

Well dressed lady, perhaps living manor house somewhere in country…..” Lady with dark glove”

Happy Easter!

Officially Spring time!

Easter is here.

Easter 2013

Bird nest headpiece 2013



This is the re-made Bird nest headpiece for Easter project,

When I was studying in Kensington and Chelsea College.

I liked this headpiece so, I re-made this headpiece in 2013.






This is the headpiece originally made in 1996, when Sex Pistols reunited…

My room in Barnes with my Brother and my neice, London in 1996.

I really enjoyed Alexander McQueen exhibition at V & A in 2015.

McQueen Bird nest 2006 from book

This is the McQueen style of bird nest A/W 2006.

Using Silver, Swarovski and Mallard feathers…Beautiful







Big Hatinator

This year of Royal Ascot is Tuesday 14 – Saturday 18 June 2016.


Since later 2010, fascinators – bigger than barrettes and easier than hats – attached on hair by comb, headband, clips –  getting much popular to the ladies for the occasions and evening accessories.

Audrey's piece 6

Tocofashion fascinator on comb – made for bespoke order

If you are planning to get the ticket for the Royal enclosure, you have to be careful,

Fascinators aren’t permitted unless the headpiece covering over 10cm diameter of saucer.


How about getting this new Toco’s big Hatinator for the Royal Ascot!

Hatinator is the also alternative to hat – brim without crown.

This hatinator fits with Aliceband, very comfortable and light, but still stands out very nice!

Available to bespoke order in different colour, allow me 6 weeks, please!

Hire : Big Hatinator

Fuchsia Mother of Bride/Groom Hat

I have been actively making new hats recently….non stop!!

This time, beautiful flower “Fuchsia”. Friend from Venezuela said, it is called “Queen’s earrings “!

I love the contrast and bold colour.

fuchsia flower bold and elegant in the garden.

fuchsia flower bold and elegant in the garden.

Originally working on this,

fuchsia hat working on progress

fuchsia hat when I start working on contrast was this way.




Eventually, I changed to like this!!

If you have wedding or garden party, Race meeting to attend,

Why don’t you contact me? I can make your hat for you colour!


Fuchshia 1

fuchsia hat duchess satin bold and elegant trimming.

Bridal hat

I have been working on this fantastic looking lace.

First, using blocking net.

lace crown 1






and carefully trimmed lace cover over and block.

lace crown 2




Then, put the stiffener to keep the shape.

lace crown 3



And I created!!

Bridal hat 1









If you are looking for something fresh and sweet for the bridal hat!!

Hire : Bridal hat






Mother of Bride hat

Love this time of the year. Green and new life is getting appearing.

I found daffodil in my garden yesterday.

Spring 17.3.16

Spring is here in Scotland!!

I created just describe the image of fresh Spring/early Summer.


Here is the new hat in Sage green – Beautiful sheen of duchess satin with nice draped bow.

Tilted tall crown with down brim

Available in any colour for bespoke order.

Hire : Occasion hat

Sage Mother of Bride 3


Starting blog to update bespoke order and my work, once again.


It is beautiful Spring feeling in Scotland.

I see new born lamb in the field since end of February this year! Isn’t it bit earlier?!

I have been processing customer’s bespoke corsage who would like to an gift to somebody special to her.

She sent me an image of lady and we talked about her image of colour.

In Japan, this is the season for Gradation ceremony. That is ideal accessory for ceremony!!

Dusty rose pink quality duchess satin fabric

Dusty rose pink quality duchess satin fabric

Finally, this is the creation for her!

Hope she likes Dusty rose pink corsage 2this!!

Handmade silk corsage