I just delivered my design collection for the Fashion Show, that has been delayed and modified because of Covid-19.

I am questioning myself and also other people who decide I am not an artist.  ( How dare they can tell me why I am not ?!)

” What is wrong if I satisfying my design? ”
I am always love my designs when I completed.

I am a creator, and I design and create things what I satisfy my sketch image to actual  product.

There is no rule, because rule I make for my creations.

So I can stop when I want and I can go over when I need. There is no right answer, until I get my creation complete in my mind…

But, I love collaborations, that make the other creator feed into my designs their perspective.

I love that. Sometime that is different from mine, but that is OK, because that also other creator initiate their creative view.

I don’t want to interrupt for their opinions, but  what I don’t like is they don’t have any opinions their creations…

Then I may stop collaborating with those people…


But when I serve the client, that is different approach.

Because, my job is make the client satisfied. So I talk and make sure

if the client is happy about what I have done.

That is completely different satisfactions.

Always client is initiate their preference.

That is Tocofashion’s approach.