Summer holiday

It’s been a long time again.

I have been a little busy to keep up the blog, but I will try once I have some news to tell.

For my son’s Summer holiday will be end soon…..

I had a home work myself for his Japanese school. Traditionally September , October is the sports event season in Japan.

He will join the event for the first time in Scotland.

My home work is making bean bags.  One of the competition to throw bean bags into the high placed baskets which are for Red team and White team

to fight against each others.






DSC_0178I used a old clothes to stuff bean bags.

I used white material ( you can choose Red or White ). I used lots of dark colour that may show

the stuffing through…

Never mind. They are strong enough and heavy enough to throw into high basket.













We love going to the air show. When we are in London, we used to live near RAF Museum. And used to be almost my son’s playground.

Whenever we have chance, we went to Airshow. Farnborugh air show was fantastic. We saw giant commercial air craft Airbus A380.

Unbelievebly big and scary noise and heavy lifting. I was amazed such a big plane can fly.

When we are in Japan, we used to go rural airport for Redbull pilot display in beautiful mountain top airport.

This year, we went to near Edinburgh, Air museum’s air show.

We prepared camping sheets and sandwiches and my husband special lunch for his diet.

Fantastic weather and lots of World war displays. good weather for picnic.

Classic bi-plane display and Super sonic Euro fighter Typhoon booming and breaking the ear drum,  amazing wing walkers…. on the flying plane.

and did loop to loop…..Lady next sheet couldn’t bear to watch…


But near the end, we had to quickly pack and back to car. Dark clouds didn’t hold on.

Fantastic Typhoon and Black hawker hurricane duet flight gave us vibrations on the tummy.

My son bought real bullets for Spitfire with his pocket money.

One for him and one for his best friend.

Hope his Air craft developer dream will come true!






I just sent 45 hats to Japan.

She organize fantastic stage every Summer at cool Mito Contemporary Art Museum.

Last Summer I made 3 different style hats for dance team around 45 people.

Also, great flower arrangement artist used 20 of my hats as flower arranging performance.

This year, I was asked to make 45 hats to match with contemporary Hakama style outfit.

I made the hats to be light and airy and flexible size to everybody.

Hoping to succeed from Scotland!