If you have something inside, you have to express it, that is the healthy mind !!!

I really enjoyed expression method….

I watched series “POSE” and really enjoyed 1,2 both series.

There were mother, father in the community, who look after community people to guide to survive their real visions life…

So much love in the human in the drama, and I believe that wasn’t made up story, that must be what the human have in natural ability.


Now I have to watch, Northern England drama….!

The voguing ball culture originally came from people feeling isolated and pushed away from society because of the colour of their skin or their sexuality,

or even both, so we still try to embody that mindset where we’re not just here to create pieces of work,

we’re here to form a community and to help each other flourish and grow.


Image from BBC.co.uk Deep in Vogue

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