Happy Customer 2

I was enjoying working with this hat but unfortunately customer have to move, so work ended today.

She gave me plenty time to work with. We enjoyed work toward on the result but can be endless.

She had idea, and it was good clear idea. For the fitting always have some adjust to do when get ordered hat.

Price indicated first but had to do additional charge in the end with negotiable charge.


131136It is wonderful to work with customer.

She is going to be fantastic on her son’s wedding. Because of the fitting

Hat sits on perfectly on her head.

It is very secure and comfortable she said!

she said she will come back for another occasions!





This is the result!!

DSC_0361 DSC_0357 DSC_0355








It sits on the metal Alice band to her head.

Hat angle has been checked, colour has been checked, size has been checked,

360 degrees looks checked.

We have been living same street almost next door.

So she could come in very frequently.

I will miss her.


This is the her clutch bag’s matching trimming.



Another work made customer happy again! I am happy, too.





Happy customer

Yesterday, a customer – the mother of the bride – came to collect the bespoke hats which I made for her, which matches her bespoke made outfit

by local boutique.

My customer is very happy with the result. She said “It’s very mother of bride”! ! She loves the colour!



This is the artwork which I made after the first appointment,

This is the result!

What do you think?

I love the combination of embroidered orange silk and silk chocolate brown.

Very suited to the customer!

When customer is happy, I am happy, too!

Commission work

Tartan hand made corsage

Tartan hand made corsage


When I went to show my new products to my client. I was asked to make a rossette

using the same tartan material, while my client was serving his customer. I was thinking to make a rose with tartan, just I was talking with my client.

I have stiffened the tartan, and ironed each petal to make a rose. I really enjoyed making this.

My client was happy with the result, and said I had done a great job!





This Summer’s Edinburgh Fringe festival has finished and Military Tattoo was a fantastic display!







Strathaven 2013 Balloon Festival

Beautiful evening and fantastic location with lots of fun events for the whole family!






After dark,

night glow…






Annual Fair

FCDT Annual Fair Day

I will be participating in the Fair with a stall at the Salvation Army with my hats as well new original products!!

Come to visit me!!

FCDT Annual Fair Day. As you know this year’s Fair Day is on Saturday 7 September from 11am – 2pm.

The Salvation Army (2 Blackfaulds Place, Fauldhouse):-

  • ·         Caroline King

  • ·         Arcadia Hand Made

  • ·         Toco Fashion

  • ·         Awfy Braw

  • ·         TLC Gallery & Studio

  • ·         St Columbas Hospice Shop

  • ·         Over 50s Tombolla

  • ·         Zoe’s Facepainting x 1