My Mission

I am a slow starter, but I am hanging on and moving to a better vibe.
Just day to day work isn’t smooth due to all the circumstance…
So thank you for everybody who was helping and supporting me out for making me going all the years.

I am as a designer, I don’t want to make people misunderstanding me.
Since I am not a good speaker, I can’t explain very well myself ( I never do in English nor Japanese ). So I write my own thoughts from time to time to focus myself…( That is the blog for…)

I am a fashion designer who has a background of millinery that I used to get into all the time.

When I was working for Philip Treacy, I questioned lots of myself and world…straight from the graduation I was working there, I liked working there, I didn’t have enough base nor confidence to be a successful designer, but I left…
Recently I am thinking myself because I thought that is natural to have a passion to design your own collection of top to toe…

In my design mission, I have to have compliment on the headpiece/hat or some kind of accessories to finish off my design.

When I design something I just have to see all the balance that is my mission…It isn’t domination, but I have to create my world as a designer.


It is number half of 100, but sounds like 50%.
It is my age, I don’t feel anything different from yesterday but amazed myself as a number.

I am not much changed what people say since my 20’s.
Because of my mental age of 27.
I ‘ve tried to be better, to be good and to be the best for my life…..
I am forever 27. Not over not going back so just right age of my estimated mental age.
Since this is my blog, I celebrate my half way of 50% of achievement of my life.
Not too ambitious but not less progress just right with my speed of life achievement.
I don’t need to pose I am free from anything 🙂