Glengarry bespoke service available!!

I was making glengarry since I approached Kilt maker, and he asked me to make them.

I couldn’t help to make this while I was making the traditional one, and fantastic shape matching really well with wool and rabbit fur.

I have the skill to make this as a bespoke Glengarry service, with all different types of fabric like tartan, wool,  some thick and rigid material is best for this type of hat.

Try out Tocofashion bespoke glengarry with your original style!

DSC_0083 - Copy

DSC_0081 - Copy


Nearly Christmas.

I was busy packing for today,Bold Souls in Glasgow.

This year, hubby and son were putting the tree decoration together!



Look he is an actor!! He is saying Hurry up,mum!!

Doesn’t show does he!!





DSC_0051I am preparing for pop up shop in Glasgow.


Since I am doing for the first time in city of Glasgow,


I thought would be better I look a little bit different!


I was putting nail extensions. but I had to iron this morning.

So not practical for my job at all!

I love nails. but when I am completely off I will do that!!!