Name of colour


Just thinking about the name of col0ur how poetic can be! 
So many new names appear every year, and enjoy looking at the name of colour!

When I was a child my Crayon and Watercolor had lots of “Japanese names” called “Wairo” that comes from nature.

I remember “Oudo-iro” ( Yellow soil )  is my least favorite because it gets hard very easily.
“Gunjyou-iro” (Ultramarine ) was my favorite. I don’t know just I loved the name.
”Yamabuki-iro”(Bright yellow) is we saw the flower all the time on the way to go to nursery school.

“karashi-iro” ( Mustard yellow) is spot on so I can almost taste the colour!
“Enji-iro” ( Burgundy ) I didn’t know the meaning but I know the colour…

“Azuki-iro” ( Red bean colour ) is nice to picture the image colour but difficult to make it.

We loved driving our Suzuki Wagon R in “Nasukon” ( Aubergine Navy blue ) .


Aubergine Navy Blue

Perhaps, you can make up lots of different name from traditional food or dish ” Sekihan-iro” ( rice cooked with red bean-pale pink ),

“Tamagoyaki-iro”( omelet yellow ), “Tofu-iro”( Ivory like white ) , ” Beef Curry-iro “( dark yellow-brown),
“Crispy croquette”, “Konnyaku-iro” ( Pewter grey like grey) , ” Oinarisan-iro” ( Pale Brown ) ….I can’t stop now! 🙂


I copied from the FB post. 🙂

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Would you put makeup with those name of colour??? 🙂



Child play….


Typical Spring, I found daffodils blooming in our garden..


Dwarf Daffodil is busy flowering 🙂 First Spring sign I see in our garden.










But getting cold again…

I am lucky to work on the trendy mother of the Bride, and the wedding guest outfit.

I have been pattern cutting for number of years,,,

but I just realized today, “Origami” skills are quite useful for the pattern cutting.

Both are flat paper to create 3D object.



When I was a child, we played cats cradle and gomu-tobi ( Jumping over flex elastic rope)


dodge ball ( we were quite hardcore for those tournament, and practice!! )

Chainring( are my favorites!

but origami was my least favorite…

my son used to play at RAF museum in Hendon every week. when he was a little.

Now he can’t get enough of flying experience. No doubt he will aim for the aviation industry…

So, people, child play is the serious business, you never know it may indicate child career !!