Production for A/W


The world is round and every season is everywhere…..

Anyway, I am currently making lots of Scottish Wool, British Wool, and Waterproof hats

for A/W fashion accessories must have items!!

And they will be available in SDX in Glasgow from October or you can order from my site directory for your size!

Handpicked from Hawick Tweed company “Lovet” product is showerproof and very quality 100% Scottish Wool!!

Photo : Ian Coyle Model : Shannon Martin MUA : Rachel Miller Hat and Dress : Toco

Casual on the way….


I am lucky to be invited to stock my design at an exciting artist portal.

It is very exciting to hear the news!!

Lynzi Leroy got her idea for the Scottish Design Exchange from an outlet in Cape Town

Lynzi Leroy got her idea for the Scottish Design Exchange from an outlet in Cape Town Lynzi Leroy got her idea for the Scottish Design Exchange from an outlet in Cape Town   MARK K JACKSON

I was once stocking my design in Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh…but
This time in Glasgow.

They hold independent designers and creators original designs and arts.
It will be fun to visit there once the shop opens!

SDX is opening in Buchanan Gallery in Glasgow.

Unit 21-22, Buchanan Galleries, Buchanan Street, G1 2FF

The 2nd floor just outside of John Lewis.

My all different casual designs are available at the shop!

We had a great shoot with these items the other day, and for the editorial reason, can’t share right now…










Stay tuned for the news!! 🙂

Kimono and dad….

During the Summer holiday, I went back home.

It was a bittersweet trip back, since my dearest dad past away

before we went back to see him….My son had so many things to talk to you, dad…

My wedding day with my mum and dad at The Russell Hotel in London.


I was so lucky to wear this £30,000 worth Wedding Kimono on my wedding day

loaned by Philip Treacy when I was working for him.

Inside this red Kimono, I made white silk bird embroidered dupion kimono lined with gold embroidered silk satin with Shu-red Kimono sash belt.

I was so proud of my design of white kimono ( hiding the dress from Kevin, while I was making it till wedding day ) and styling, but dad said, so glad you got this Red Kimono because you looked like a bamboo doll without it!! (lol)

The headpiece was a generous gift from Philip, the fresh bouquet was made by my friend Mika.

Net gloves from my mum’s old one, Nails were light blue, silk bag and 50’s style sandals from Angel’s Antique market where I used to live nearby….

I made you bring 2 decorated barrels of Sake all the way from Japan…
I made you big speech in front of people who don’t know much about…but your speech was wonderful and so many compliments from work colleagues, friends and family made me so proud daughter!!

But I couldn’t speak in front of you, because I burst into tears before finishing all and trying to hug you before leaving, you were so embarrassed. (lol)

I made you so anxious because I live far away from you….I didn’t return anything back to you, dad.

I will try to get home at least once a year to talk to you and mum, I promise.

My lovely dad in rest in peace now….

Lady’s Mantle


What a lovely name of the flower!!

Lady’s Mantle…….Alchemilla Mollis

They are the delicate lime colour with the small star-shaped flower.

The reason called Lady’s Mantle, leaves are tacked in and once it opens shapes like


Waterproof Lady’s Mantle by Toco Italian Cotton with Waterproof treatment in Black and Silver grey. 🙂










I found them on the walking route, and seems the end of a flowering season,

so I picked a small branch.

Alchemilla Mollis. Lady’s Mantle is the shape of leaves….Pretty flowers and lady’s friend!!

According to the plant’s guide, they are lady’s friend.


Herbal remedy, the purpose of using the leaves for herbal tea.

They are highly recommended during the period and bleeding womb.

Very safe to take and even preventing miscarriage.

I may try herb tea myself,

once I get the flower in my garden next season!!





Reference : Richard Whelan



My recent things are keeping the flowers in the house.
I buy some for myself or bringing some from the woodland walk.

flower at the moment…is Iris

Purple Iris……. I just love displaying flowers in my Japanese Iron tea kettle!!


Symbole of Tennessee


Purple Iris bring a message of wisdom and compliments.

Another resource is saying….

Ancient Greece, Goddess Iris acted as the link between Earth and Heaven…

It is very much like matching in my feeling.

That is why I love flowers. Reflect and share the feeling.

Also inspiring so much for creating designs and smells nice!!



Refrence :



Starting blog entry again!! I will keep up! 🙂

Yesterday we were planning to see the family then going to the cinema as a family day out…

But end up, we came home and watching the video after seeing the family.

Anyway, the film that we were thinking to see was ” Incredible 2″, so we decided to watch the original “The Incredible”.

We all love “The Incredible” !!

Story and Characters are wonderful and never dated because we watched tonight original one.

There is a strong designer character called “Edna Mode”.

Edna creates all the super hero’s costume! And they are very functional!! and she has a strong character 🙂

Her character is modeled by Edith Head.jpg Edith Head.

Edith designed all the beautiful film costumes for the beautiful Hitchcock actresses/actors and golden time Hollywood films.

She designed for – Elizabeth Tayler, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn…. So many beautiful actresses!!

She got a job as a designer ( She borrowed her classmate artwork to get the job!! 😉 in Paramount pictures until her 70’s and later

she joined Universal and worked until 1981 of her death (84)…that is incredible but she must be very powerful and energetic for her job.

Her later jobs are…..The Sting, Colombo, Bewitched,,,,,

I admire her jobs so much even now and her determination of work!! 🙂

Vimto by Darryl Haase

Reference : Wiki –  Edith Head

Wiki – The Incredibles

Bespoke process

Making something from the theme is one of my favorite exercise.

Got contacted from the talented MUA who I worked many occasions.

She was preparing wedding image for the shoot and wanted to make dream shoot!

It was July, and I had rough image of Hollywood grammar.

Then in August, talked her and she wanted to do something Gatsby era.

So, I wanted something different and elegant side of Gatsby.

Image result for Gatsby

The Great Gatsby ( 2013 ) Director : ‎Baz Luhrmann

This is the typical bespoke process for what I do. Depending on the design and style,

Normally I need at least 4 weeks to do proper job for 2,3 designs.

I wanted something me and era…

When I get bespoke order,I normally design from drawing image first and always matching hat or headdress to go with.

People like my drawing and I love to clarify whole top to toe image.

Tussles and Bob hair with Oriental flavor

Fringe and lace are good friend with 20’s style













These are the design I will make for the dream shoot!!

Next process was ordering fabric, and pattern cutting.


After making the pattern, place on to the body and see the shape.
















Long pattern is the very difficult job for cutting. Find the flat place is essential.






















Fringe and Lace and pearls are friends with 20’s style!!

Tussle and chiffon simple elegant is my target point
















Fitting with the model ( Lovely Kart ) before the shoot!!

Learn her height with the shoes on, decided the trains length.














Makeup with Lovely Karen who organized this shoot!

Hair by Marianna. she has created 20’s glamour using pin curl with finger curl technique!!


















Lovely photographer, Derek Dunlop is setting the position and capture the image..
Beautiful bespoke flower by Roses and Poses created for 20’s style based green and white very Chic! Gorgeous Model Kart is at Beautiful country park of Chatelherault country park



















Luxurious Faux Fur Long cover up by Fantastic Designer Naldo Gi
And you know what? This image made to front cover of Ultimate Wedding magazine 30th anniversary issue in December 21 2017 !!!




















And Here is the lovely Derek Dunlop Photography his side of story!! Beautiful images!!
Link To

The Dream Team :

MUA – Karen Wong

Hair Stylist – Marianna Coletta

Model – Kart Tori

Designer – Toshiko Cave

Designer – Rinaldo Girasoli

Location – Chatelherault-country-park

Mini collection

I am constantly making mini collections and creating the outstanding images and publishing with lots of creatives in Scotland.

Recently, lucky enough to invited to do experienced photographer who was keen to work with fashion designer ( It’s me! ).

We had a meeting earlier in May, to plan about the shoot eventually mid August.

I had to create a few collection in between, but had plenty of time to think what I wanted to do and kept updating our plan.

I always start drawing to make small collection. Of course, hat and dress together…

Jeremy was holding on gorgeous venue for the shoot in country side of Scotland.

So I wanted something different and wearable for special occasions or garden party.

My mini collection called ” Luxury Resort ” start shaping.









Then order the fabric….and start making shapes with the pattern cut.

Processing the pattern cut











First I was thinking to do just White colour outfits..

Sailor collar Jump suits style with elegant lime big brim headpiece to go with.












but in the end, I really started adding colour for the set.

Lime chiffon dress has right bias drape. I added lining.













Irish linen luxury dress ( has big slit both side ) with natural straw big visor














Love the result! and love the photo shoot!!

If anybody interested in getting bespoke order top to toe, please contact me via email or phone! I can help! 🙂


I got feature from Xclusive photo mag

Link :

Venue :

Doris, Emma, Sabina by Jeremy Lavender MUA Sammie Hayes, Hair Marianna Colleta, Dress and Hats by Toshiko Cave – Tocofashion


Ascot Event!!

Spring has arrived here in Scotland!

I saw newborn lamb the farm near my place 3 weeks ago.

It seems much earlier than last year!! Love seeing newborn animals and flowers blooming!!

I am currently working on Ascot theme hats.

I was invited to showcase my 12 designs in London.

Once I finish my collections, I will put the images together!


If you still have any inquiry for the wedding, I am always here to help you!

Weekend dresses and casual hats are available to try in the shop!!

Weekend dresses and casual hats.

I have been creating dresses time to time. now they are available to try on in the shop!!

Toco’s dresses are fun and specificated look for the outing.
All matching hats are available for the casual and elegant way to style.

Also rain hats and shower proof stylish cape are available!!

Wear Eponymous popup is on til the end of December 2016!!!


@Leiper fine Art Gallery   –    117 West George Street in Glasgow

black-cape-front-re black-dress-back-re black-hat-front-re burgundy-dress-front-re cocktail-front-re shop-window tweed-hat-re white-dress-front-re