Hat hire

Fantastic opportunity to try out hat hire from Toco’s original design collection.

  1. Not only stylish, it is original design, no chance to crash!!

            2.  Affordable price start from £12/day.

            3. Easy to book from online, so you don’t need to travel to come to fit. But you are 

                 always welcome to book the fitting.

Stall re-re


Tocofashion is always welcoming for the bespoke order for your occasions!


Hat Hire

Exhibition to visit!

Visiting London is always fun.

My mission was sending my past pieces back to home.

6 BIG boxes all together,,,,Driver said, ‘ I was glad you were here!! ‘ Why can’t request the time for picking for the first time??

I went to Kensington Palace to see the royal wardrobe exhibition.

Queen,Princess Margaret, and Princess Di’s real dress and fashion illustrations.

It will be Queen’s wardrobe in Buckingham palace, soon…

Princess Margaret beautiful dresses

Princess Margaret 50-60’s dress. Christian Dior scarf is drawn Princess Margaret!! Lovely.

Great fashion illustration for Queen!!

Great fashion illustration for Queen!!
















Fantastic detail of Kings room display.

Kings garment@Kensignton palace

Fantastic and beautiful detail of King’s garment. So much detail and quite feminine motifs.










ICA is showing Great fashion and Art and Music world of Judy Blame ‘ Never again….’

Very much inspiring exhibition!!

ICA Judy Blame 2016

1970-2016, He was in exciting era – fashion, art, music…Admiring his position. His interview is very interesting.

When you get tired,,,,Visit Norte de Dome France in Soho.

You feel welcomed and peaceful with Mural of Jean Cocteau!!

Very welcome feeling of Mural of Jean Cocteau @ Norte de Dome in Soho. Love here.

Very welcome feeling of Mural of Jean Cocteau @ Norte de Dome in Soho.
Love here.