If you have something inside, you have to express it, that is the healthy mind !!!

I really enjoyed expression method….

I watched series “POSE” and really enjoyed 1,2 both series.

There were mother, father in the community, who look after community people to guide to survive their real visions life…

So much love in the human in the drama, and I believe that wasn’t made up story, that must be what the human have in natural ability.


Now I have to watch, Northern England drama….!

The voguing ball culture originally came from people feeling isolated and pushed away from society because of the colour of their skin or their sexuality,

or even both, so we still try to embody that mindset where we’re not just here to create pieces of work,

we’re here to form a community and to help each other flourish and grow.


Image from BBC.co.uk Deep in Vogue

The Crown

The Crown

I am still in season 2….but I am really really enjoying Claire Foy’s queen so much.

She is amazing!! Because of her performance, I have to scream every episode I watch!!

Exciting to see the costume, too.

Jane Petrie, Scottish costume designer did the season 2.
That is quite a exciting era, Queen Elizabeth classic style and Princess Margaret modern transformation contrast is quite exciting!!

Ball classic party to Jazzy live party…. 🙂

Just can’t wait to see next episode 🙂


The Crown (season 2) - Wikipedia

Man in Space Suits!

Last night, after smooth launch and boosters landed on target, Space X Dragon capsule name Endeavour docked with ISS on time!!!

View from ISS Hatch door open to preparing Ben and Douglas to come in….for 3 and half hours…

Finally Endeavour door is open and both can see!!

Ben and Douglas are going to stay for 4 months with other crew of ISS….

This was totally started private commercial mission to international mission.

Elon Musk’s Space X started 2002, when Virgin Galactic’s blue origin went to Space was phenomenon.
Every challenge is the risk, but Space X challenge is always bring the dream comes true!!

This time Elon was saying really wanted Astronaut to be admired from the next generation.

He asked Space suits to be made from the Hollywood Super hero’s costume designer.

Fantastic looking helmets and much lighter suits for the Astronauts to relax on the space travel…. 🙂


SpaceX Spacesuit Helmet Image from NASASpaceFlight.com

Superhero spacesuits: Elon Musk’s SpaceX astronaut suit is like a …Ben and Doug IMAGE from firstpost.com

Face mask making Japanese 日本語



14.5 x 15 cmの表地 2枚  コットン100%(ユースホステルの布団カバーを利用しているので今回はポリコットンです。)

12 x 15 cm の裏地 2枚 コットン100%(日本の晒を使用)

1㎜丸ゴム 25 cm 2本




所要時間 約30分



1. パターンをダウンロードして、パターンをカットしておく(Mens, Women,Kidsサイズがありますが、Womenサイズの作り方です。)
Thank you Craft Passion for useful free downloadable pattern 🙂

Face Mask Sewing Pattern


2. 生地を裁断する 中表にして裁断、パターンは縫い代 8mm を含んである。

Women and Teen size pattern. こちらは女性と中高生サイズの例です。

裏地は、晒 日本の純綿100%で通気性は抜群です。 表地は、ポリコットン。ユースホステルのロゴ入り布団カバーを利用しています。(医療着を作るのに使ったあまり布です。無駄なしです。)
































5.表地と裏地を縫い合わせる 待ち針で縫い目の所をとめてから











6. サイドの開いてる所から表に返す。








7・ 両サイドを三つ折りにしてゴム通しになるところを縫う。

































9.ゴムを輪っかに縛って縛り目を縫い代の中に入れたら完成 図1

UV殺菌して 図2
パッキング。 図3






















Emperor Enthronement Ceremony

No edited ceremony….Thank you ANN news 🙂
Heisei era to Reiwa era’s official Emperor Enthronement Ceremony.
It was just beautiful ceremony. Emperor will be duty as a symbole of the state.
More than 180 countries guests are witnessed this ceremony.
May wish for Reiwa era will be peaceful.



I honestly can’t wait to see this exhibition at V&A in February 2020.


Exhibits will include a dress designed by Alexander McQueen for Björk

Exhibits will include a dress designed by Alexander McQueen for Björk 🙂

Bjork album image Kimono by Alexander McQueen was sensecional that image was so strong and got inspired so much, decided to make my own version one day.

I got married in 1997.
I was working at Philip Treacy at that time.
We had a rented flat in Angel before we had wedding.

I was puttig the curtain not showing to Kevin while I was working on my wedding outfit.
I didn’t know but it is very bad luck  in the UK making own wedding dress or ( that explains a lot ; ) ) show your wedding outfit to your husband to be before the wedding day.

White 100% Silk Embroidered Taffeta and Gold embroidered silk satin ( Chinese ).

I had a beautiful Obi in Shu red (Vermillion Red ) that colour is perfect for Japanese image.

So when we decided to book the register office, I already made my dress idea that will be fusion Kimono deluxe ( my ultimate bespoke dress )!!

Picture is great! They never get old 🙂 It will be almost 22nd Anniversary soon 🙂

Excuse me from the bathroom of Russel Hotel 🙂 but this is the only shot I could get from top to toe my proud DIY job with Fantastic gift from Master Philip Treacy’s headpiece…..My 1950’s sandal, Satin bag and lace gloves 50’s at Angel’s Antique market. Japanese pearl necklace and handfan with Luck charm ( Omamori ). my nail was light blue- Something Blue 🙂

Kevin with wee Jamie in Kilt, he was 7 years very cute boy but he will be dad of son very soon! I am wearing beautiful Kimono lent from Maestro Philip Treacy…that is £30.000 worth Wedding Kimono from Japan. Thank you billion times for fantastic gift, my dad said I could be a bamboo doll with out them 🙂

Before returning this to Philip, I wanted to do this “Mikaeri Bijin?!” pose 🙂










「見返り 美人」の画像検索結果

Hishikawa Moronobu ” Mikaeri Bijin Zu” at Tokyo National Museum

Process of design…


I got some suvenior from Japan when I went to Aberdeen. Thank you very much for beautiful stuff…

From left Paralympic Game Leaflet, Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 pin badge, Yoseki Handcraft book mark ( Mr, Mrs Yamazaki’s gift ), Greentea in the compact containe (Mr, Mrs. Yamazaki’s gift )


















Thinking about the design process….
Design = a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made.

Design is the skill of making plans or drawings for something:

Design is also the way in which something is arranged or shaped:

to intend for a particular purpose:

(Reference from Cambridge Dictionary)

Just seeing picture above, is only the example.  But seeing all similar idea process.

Using everything put together and arrange to team up, result is beautiful harmony….

I would love to do those jobs as my life time achievement….

Yoseki Craft is Ancient Japanese methods, asorted segment of woods carefuly put together to make beautiful pattern then slice very thin paper like sheets to decorate of the wood craft surface. ( Image from Instagram.)

























Kimono and hat


I had an opportunity to experiment a demonstration of my passion hat and kimono!

I love Traditional Kimono, but living in Scotland, there is not so much occasion to wear them.

And also there are lots of rules for dressing Kimono.

And I see the product so called Kimono in the shops all over, I disagree with those are called Kimono….

I was wondering there are so many traditional Kimono what you can purchase in Japan, which have much more detailed design and beautiful colours.

I love the traditional way of dressing Kimono, but one you are not specialized dressing the Kimono, it is hard to wear traditional way…

So, I use my Japanese Kimono ( They are produced in Japan as Traditional Kimono ) dressing with accessories you can find in your wardrobe.

Mrs. Yamazaki is founder’s wife of this event all over from Japan. She said she got lots of complements at the Sainsbury’s as she was wearing Kimono before the demonstration!!

How wonderful is that! 🙂

Reiko is wearing beautiful ivory casual komon houmon-gi and deep crown straw cloche with lace trimming with lace skirf and lace gloves. Instead of Obi sash belt, using knitted scarf and cotton flower printed scarf as obiage belt which are tied around hipborne for 20’s style. Pixie is wearing beautiful chrysanthemum motif houmon-gi kimono. Gorgeious Fukuroobi is tied in front. Wearing my handblocked sinamay 50’s style shallow crown hat.

Everybody!! who helped me for the demonstration!! at beautiful Trinity Hall in Aberdeen. Everyone enjoyed different themself! Ane me( on the left ) and Chika ( on the right )were wearing Haori ( kimono over coat )! Thank you guys!

Reiko is wearing elegant Ivory komon houmon-gi Pixie is wearing gorgeous gold chrysanthemum motif houmon-gi Bijoux is wearing Yukata ( Summer kimono for casual occasion ) what her mum Chika was dressing with my handblocked sinamay roses headpiece. Ruth is weraing beautiful lilac houmon-gi underneath, peticote, and cummerband and thin belt with chiffon scarf with my handblocked silver cocktail hat is matching with cummerband.

Jeniffer is wearing bow tie blouse and wool kommon ( small patterned motif as design ) kimono which is drapped on the back as bustle style and wide pants with thin belt in front. and my hand blocked felt hat with big phesant trimming. Pixie is waking with my handblocked ivory 50’s style hat.

Mrs. Yamazaki is wearing Camellia motif wool kimono. with thin belt with knitted shawl. My handblocked wool felt topper is really suiting her.

Mrs. Yamazaki said she was wearing this at Sainsbury and people are complementing how she was wearing and relaxed looking.

Beautiful light blue kimono and lime houmon-gi with handblocked sinamay big brim Hatinator. Ruth is wearing lilac houmon-gi.

Neo Tokyo vs Tokyo in 2019

After visitend Manga exhibition in British Museum in London, made me feel like watching Akira again….

To be honest I forgot detail of the story, but I got goose bumps after watching…

Story is situated in 2019 Neo Tokyo after the World War 3, Akira was started in the comic book in 1982, and film was released in 1988.

And scary thing is next year is Olympic year in the story…

Tokyo,,,certainly wasn’t like after the World War 3 like story of Akira.

But we don’t know where we are heading to…I felt Tokyo is very different from when I used to live…

Only we know is next year is Tokyo Olympic 2020, that is same as Akira’s story…

We humen have power to create incredible creation, but how we use and control is always the problem.

Let’s hope we humen are powerful enough to make the world kind to humen and life in general!

Tokyo Olympic stadium in the film it made 30 years ago…





How similar to 35 years old comic book image?! Real Tokyo Olympic stadium constraction site early stage.










While I was reading up about Katsuhiro Otomo who created Akira…
He is defenetly hybrid of dad!! Beautiful work and strong motif.
His son Shohei Otomo is incredible artist using ball point pen…


WOW, what a detailed art work!! Shohei ball point pen art workLoop LP record!! Make me try to draw using pen now!!!!

Show off your style!!

When I design clothes, I always finish off with the hat/headpiece 🙂

I have to try each photoshoot with a different look, but I have used the same outfits for different occasions.

You know one outfit can transform the completely different look with the hat!!

These are the example of how the hats and styling make different!!
With fantastic model Mhairi Waddell (15), she can show the same outfit with different HATs to show off!!

Mhairi is wearing turban
Photographer: John Walker Banks
MUA : Jennifer Pike
Designer : Toshiko Cave – Toco

Mhairi is wearing no hat
Photographer: John Walker Banks
MUA : Jennifer Pike
Designer : Toshiko Cave – Toco

@2018 SIFF Glasgow Photographer @Paul Francis McGugan Model @Mhairi Waddell Toco’s Gold piece, Mhairi is opening Toco’s collection on the catwalk @Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport










Mhairi on the catwalk @SIFF-Glasgow 2018
With Straw blocked headpiece
Photo by Paul Francis McGugan
Designer : Toshiko Cave – Toco


Love this image❤️ Mhairi is wearing quirky headpiece for Light and Mirror ❤️
Photographer : Darja Bilyk @dashiee
Model in Gold : Mhairi Waddell @mhairiwaddell1
Model in Silver : Heather Waddell @heatherwaddell1
MUA : Yvonne Lynch @shacade
Hairstylist : Marianna Coletta @mariannahair_
Designer : Toshiko Cave @tocofashion
Assistant : Patricia Waddell @patricia.waddell.9
Proud image 💓
@ferocemagazine June Vol 7 2019