Fashion show, and show, another show!!

This year I have participated fashion shows….4 times.

I was showing my hats and dresses collection on 15th August in Edinburgh @ No.8 Lister Square with Metropolitan Fashion Show.

You can read about Tocofashion’s interview,too.

It has been long and cold Summer in Scotland. It was not so bad, I have been busy working on my collection.

Talent 2015 before the show starting...backstage photo!

Talent 2015 before the show starting…backstage photo!










Also, I have been privilege to use my hats at the Kimono Fashion Show on 30th August 2015.

I can only one picture can show taken by strathemorephotographer.

I always interested in collaborating with kimono and hat, which I have done in 2012.

Summer Kimono and my hat collaboration!

My hat exhibition in Kooriyama August 2012.








And my dress and hat at Ocean Terminal, The Scottish Design Exchange launch runway in end of September!

My hats and dress in 2nd left image!beautifully made up, love the clean water like image.

hats and dress are available at the shop!

                                               Stylist – Ian Tod
Make-up – Sara Hill Make Up
Sara Hill The Academy Of Make-up
Hair – Charlie Millar Hairdressing
Photography – The Image Collective

My son’s rose which is rooted 2 years ago, it is flowering while I was working away!! xxDSC_0177