Tartan flower

I have produced something new to traditional customers, like Kilt makers.

I love tradition and something new. My speciality is what makes them  harmonise together.

Now bespoke customers are coming to me, and I have something new to appeal to them for their occasions. My bespoke service is starting to pick up!

Customer brought special tartan cut off to make some accessories for her special occasions. I suggested to hand-make shaped flower and wrist accessories.




You can wear it on your dress or gown as well as on your hat.






This is the wrist bow you can wear for

special occasions. While they are dancing,

my customer will be stunning!



From all these services I provide, I can get direct feedback from customers.

I am enjoying to serve any requirements and challenge!

Exhibition and Fashion World

I went to Somerset House in London over the weekend.
It was a fantastic atmosphere. I had a chance to chat a little with a charming lady who I met in the lift.

She knew Isabella Blow really well, she talked to her on the phone 2 weeks before she went away, she said “Such a wonderful lady, shame, such a shame to lose her….”.
The fashion and creative world are very lonely I suppose. You need to create what you believe and you can not stop how you express yourself no matter if it is trendy or not… If you have anything to express yourself, just do it, but the way you start is not so easy but when you do a good job  the reward is  priceless.