Autumn Exhibition in Japan.

Currently exhibiting in Japan without me!

I got some pictures through friend’s relation.

It is very strange feeling seeing my hats are exhibiting without my attendance and all done by Gallery and support by Flower arrangement artist Mr. Hagiya.

Other creates have different view. I am enjoying differences! Same time I learnt I should point out how to show







photo by Megumi Murayama


Corsage can be revitalised with gentle steam! photo by Megumi Murayama


Japanese bamboo! Clever way of displaying! Photo by Megumi Murayama

Documents for custom declare…

Oh, so many documentation and cutting and gluing I have done today!!

I was ordering to collect my parcel to send to Japan, then realised I had to prepare 4 documents each for boxes….

I will send 2 boxes to Japan. Each box is needing 4 documents for custom declare.

The documents are needing every detail of what items description, quantity, value.


I have already put the price list ready earlier.

But because of the contents, I had to cut and paste manually…..

They will be dumped eventually … I think.


I managed to put 67 items in 2 boxes neatly!!

Whole afternoon spent, boxes are ready to collect tomorrow!! I am just praying they will be reaching destination safely for the exhibition.

Oh, no! No space to put myself in!! I wish I can fly with them to JAPAN!!