Bespoke size fitting


Leather hat is very cool!! But unlikely fitting may not suits for you.

I have been asked to alter his leather hat to keep him warm and comfortable.

So I made pattern to fit the lining for this hat.





This is the inside. Good and strong. but where you put the head is rigid and may not feel as comfortable should be.


100% wool flannel and satin on other side, to keep the size I added grosgrain tape.







First put this lining in the hat….You can use head to keep the fitting nice.

Then make sure fit nice on the hat….



Once it fits great, use the fabric glue carefully on the grosgrain tape.



Then put in the stretcher!!  Result is keep the head warm and comfortable, but nice airy space for the top!! Great!!  For enquiry contact Tocofashion!!


Stretcher is great tool. Fabric thickness added a centimetre. But stretcher will keep the size back.