Punk venue..

Recently, I am concentrate for Wedding direction for designing.

I used to go gigs before getting my son.

1996, I was busy going around gigs for punk reunited events in London…

And this year…2016 is 40 years anniversary for Punk…

So, when I was asked to show my pieces at night club in Glasgow, I couldn’t help it.

This Thursday, I am going to show my pieces @ Cathouse in Glasgow with Eris Event Fashion show.


checkmate poster

I made something dedicate to Punk element with Toco twist. What do you think?

Hire: Black Headpiece

What to wear?

What do you wear when you have special occasion?

What do you care most?

Your shape, colour, fabric, and trend and budget??

These are most of us have to consider..

End of the day, what you are feeling conformable and confident is the best dress for you.

I design and make dress irregular paces along the hat making….( it is almost like my hobby.)

This time I have made mini chiffon dress which inspired from Kimono.

Why Kimono?Because, this is just the box dress.

Black and White mini dress 1

Box dress can be easy to put on and add things. I added satin bow to tie on left shoulder, with matching corsage.



On the left shoulder tie the satin bow to fix, and on the bow

you can wear the handmade corsage which can be on and off with pin!

You can wear the belt and wrap over and gorgeous accessories of your choice.





Black and White mini dress 7 wrap

This is the cape – pull over your dress with belt on. Easy way to cover up. Always you can use your elegant scarf, too!



Of course,I can associate with the hat to match with!!

What do you think??

I think chiffon is the very good material to care. not get creased and elegant move from air.

Put the top big makes whole silhouette slim!

This can be made for your colour, for you size and length for bespoke order!

Hire: White and Black mini dress

#GNI Edinburgh

Tocofashion was showing and exhibiting #GNI Edinburgh last night.

Put the stuff in to the car, 4 hat boxes, 1 mannequin, banner, 2 hat stands, 2 dresses and step…



This is the display at #GNI

Black dress and hat on the left was in the show.

Sage dress in the middle also designed and made by me matching with the hat.

Thank you and nice to seeing all the people who came to talk to me!



Here is the wonderful highlight from the night from SWD website


<Mother of Bride/Groom hats by Tocofashion >

<Bridal hats and headpiece by Tocofashion >

< Bridal headpieces  by Tocofashion >