For the change….


Weekend is my creation time!!

I go lots of exhibitions and walk in the wood, but recent weather making me

stay inside a lots…

Today, I was baking “Cream Puff” – chou à la crème (French ) – シュークリーム(Japanese).

That is very popular cake in Japan. 🙂

Base need to puffed like this. Inside is very hollow, so filled in with cream.

I sliced in half, and filled custard cream, then whipped cream on top. you can sprinkle icing sugar.



Just thinking about what I have been doing for my whole life, and looking at the photo from 20 years ago,,,
Perhaps not much different what I have been doing…
Does it mean I am same all myself??
I don’t think so, because, what I am trying to do is much better than yesterday.

When I was in 20’s I was much braver and much agile than now, but I had much limited view than now…

What I am trying to say is I am constantly enjoying and creating new things for such a long time. Perhaps I have never been well known, but my imagination and passion are big enough to express my creativity in public for such a long time.
I am progressing slowly in my pace…