Mini collection

I am constantly making mini collections and creating the outstanding images and publishing with lots of creatives in Scotland.

Recently, lucky enough to invited to do experienced photographer who was keen to work with fashion designer ( It’s me! ).

We had a meeting earlier in May, to plan about the shoot eventually mid August.

I had to create a few collection in between, but had plenty of time to think what I wanted to do and kept updating our plan.

I always start drawing to make small collection. Of course, hat and dress together…

Jeremy was holding on gorgeous venue for the shoot in country side of Scotland.

So I wanted something different and wearable for special occasions or garden party.

My mini collection called ” Luxury Resort ” start shaping.









Then order the fabric….and start making shapes with the pattern cut.

Processing the pattern cut











First I was thinking to do just White colour outfits..

Sailor collar Jump suits style with elegant lime big brim headpiece to go with.












but in the end, I really started adding colour for the set.

Lime chiffon dress has right bias drape. I added lining.













Irish linen luxury dress ( has big slit both side ) with natural straw big visor














Love the result! and love the photo shoot!!

If anybody interested in getting bespoke order top to toe, please contact me via email or phone! I can help! ūüôā


I got feature from Xclusive photo mag

Link :

Venue :

Doris, Emma, Sabina by Jeremy Lavender MUA Sammie Hayes, Hair Marianna Colleta, Dress and Hats by Toshiko Cave – Tocofashion


Ascot Event!!

Spring has arrived here in Scotland!

I saw newborn lamb the farm near my place 3 weeks ago.

It seems much earlier than last year!! Love seeing newborn animals and flowers blooming!!

I am currently working on Ascot theme hats.

I was invited to showcase my 12 designs in London.

Once I finish my collections, I will put the images together!


If you still have any inquiry for the wedding, I am always here to help you!

Weekend dresses and casual hats are available to try in the shop!!

Weekend dresses and casual hats.

I have been creating dresses time to time. now they are available to try on in the shop!!

Toco’s dresses are fun and specificated¬†look for the outing.
All matching hats are available for the casual and elegant way to style.

Also rain hats and shower proof stylish cape are available!!

Wear Eponymous popup is on til the end of December 2016!!!


@Leiper fine Art Gallery   Р   117 West George Street in Glasgow

black-cape-front-re black-dress-back-re black-hat-front-re burgundy-dress-front-re cocktail-front-re shop-window tweed-hat-re white-dress-front-re

Queen’s 90th Exhibition

It has been already finished…but it was wonderful to visit Buckingham palace to see Queen’s 90th exhibition.

Her wardrobe is  just anybody is dream!!! Every dress details are amazing and her beautiful looks are carefully designed and meaningful for her missions.

Along the story and dresses display were almost emotional how wonderfully made.

It was grateful to see all the millinery works of her wardrobe!!!

Link from :

Artistic Autumn…

Recently I start sketching pencil drawing where I go.

It is artistic Autumn after all!! My body is saying to me!

Bathgate High Parish Church 3

Tall clock tower is difficult to draw on the 1 paper nor capture on smart phone.

What you need is pencil,eraser and sketchbook. If you have smartphone to take image, it will be handy to see the detail of the building.

Getting darker earlier now, so I need to draw quickly to finish off. They are done around 2 hours.

Why don’t you start drawing around where you are! I think surprisingly you will find it fun!!

Bathgate Hight Parish Church 2

I should have pencil sharpner and more pencil… I had ¬†1¬†dull¬†HB pencil. I found trees are difficult to draw with pencil, Also I should re draw this to focus on the building ! Bathgate High Church 26.8.2016


St. Mary and St. Colombath's Parish church 1 30.8.2016

St. Mary and St. Colombath’s Parish church entrance 30.8.2016

St. Mary and St. Colombath's Parish church 2 30.8.2016

St. Mary and St. Colombath’s Parish church from the side 30.8.2016

St. Mary and St. Colombath's Parish church 3 30.8.2016

This time I had 3 sharp pencils, but I need sharpner. Also getting darker earlier, need to draw quickly to finish off… St. Mary and St. Colombath’s Parish church 30.8.2016

“Black and Red”

Recently, I am working on image development.

Today, we had another wonderful photoshooting!! I will write about it after the photo will be published.

I wanted to achieve “Black and Red” image!

Here is the process 1,2,3 or more!!

Toco New dress and 1998 Headpiece  idea for 2016 August shoot

Design is my favourite process, but building actual product is tricky, but I love the challenge.

Pattern black and red

To make dress, have to make pattern cut first! That is needing lots of calculation and imagination!!

cutting materials

Choosing right material with the design, also using right interface are quite a chance, but always learn from the experience.


Black and Red Dresses final

Crepe satin is great material for draping which I love.

Moodboard Black and Red

Mood board!! I love classic elegance and bold image!


Photoshoot, hillshead bookclub 17.8.2016

Photo shoot Day!! Dresses and hats are nicely made up real models!





Hat hire

Fantastic opportunity to try out hat hire from Toco’s original design collection.

  1. Not only stylish, it is original design, no chance to crash!!

            2.  Affordable price start from £12/day.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 3. Easy to book from online, so you don’t need to travel to come to fit. But you are¬†

                 always welcome to book the fitting.

Stall re-re


Tocofashion is always welcoming for the bespoke order for your occasions!


Hat Hire

Exhibition to visit!

Visiting London is always fun.

My mission was sending my past pieces back to home.

6 BIG boxes all together,,,,Driver said, ‘ I was glad you were here!! ‘ Why can’t request the time for picking for the first time??

I went to Kensington Palace to see the royal wardrobe exhibition.

Queen,Princess Margaret, and Princess Di’s real dress and fashion illustrations.

It will be Queen’s wardrobe in Buckingham palace, soon…

Princess Margaret beautiful dresses

Princess Margaret 50-60’s dress. Christian Dior scarf is drawn Princess Margaret!! Lovely.

Great fashion illustration for Queen!!

Great fashion illustration for Queen!!
















Fantastic detail of Kings room display.

Kings garment@Kensignton palace

Fantastic and beautiful detail of King’s garment. So much detail and quite feminine motifs.










ICA is showing Great fashion and Art and Music world of Judy Blame ‘ Never again….’

Very much inspiring exhibition!!

ICA Judy Blame 2016

1970-2016, He was in exciting era – fashion, art, music…Admiring his position. His interview is very interesting.

When you get tired,,,,Visit Norte de Dome France in Soho.

You feel welcomed and peaceful with Mural of Jean Cocteau!!

Very welcome feeling of Mural of Jean Cocteau @ Norte de Dome in Soho. Love here.

Very welcome feeling of Mural of Jean Cocteau @ Norte de Dome in Soho.
Love here.

Online hat hire


It is beautiful season for outing!

Royal ascot started today!! If you are planning, may not be ready this year for hiring, but plenty of other occasions to try out!!

Ladies, it is now ready to hire unique hat for easy way to just click on and receive your hat the day before your booking day!!

So try out

Hat hiring

It has been fantastic meeting with new people at the event, Edinburgh, Hopetoun, and Glasgow!!

I got lots of very nice feedback from wonderful people who I met.

Since, people have occasions to wear the hat at Race meeting, Wedding, Garden Party, Religion ceremony, Graduation party, etc.

This is the classic Ascot Race Meeting image of Audrey Hepburn!! I love the image of her and this black and white hat!!

I hire my unique hats and headpieces, fascinators.

Price starts reasonable as £12 / day + P/P.  For posting minimum hire from 3 days.

If you prefer to try out the hat, you can contact me and arrange the day.

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So, ladies it is the season for dressing up and outing! Please try tocofashion’s fantastic hats!