Item important in the story…

Just I started reading ” L’Amant ” by Marguerite Duras again…
Book has been translated in Japanese.

In the story, I couldn’t ignore,,, she is talking about ” Hat ” is very

significant in her memory.

” I got a hat, there is no farewell with it. That can re-create myself….
I have a pair of shoes, I felt the same to those, but my hat is far more special….”

I just translated in my way from Japanese translation to English… but Sometime, I feel hat has exactly same way for my style.

I hope I can serve those special hat to the clients all the time.

                                                     The Lover                                                                  The Lover (French: L’Amant) is an autobiographical novel by Marguerite Duras, published in 1984 by Les Éditions de Minuit. It has been translated to 43 languages and was awarded the 1984 Prix Goncourt. (from Google search)


P.21 talking about her outfit especially about “Hat” 


Show off your style!!

When I design clothes, I always finish off with the hat/headpiece 🙂

I have to try each photoshoot with a different look, but I have used the same outfits for different occasions.

You know one outfit can transform the completely different look with the hat!!

These are the example of how the hats and styling make different!!
With fantastic model Mhairi Waddell (15), she can show the same outfit with different HATs to show off!!

Mhairi is wearing turban
Photographer: John Walker Banks
MUA : Jennifer Pike
Designer : Toshiko Cave – Toco

Mhairi is wearing no hat
Photographer: John Walker Banks
MUA : Jennifer Pike
Designer : Toshiko Cave – Toco

@2018 SIFF Glasgow Photographer @Paul Francis McGugan Model @Mhairi Waddell Toco’s Gold piece, Mhairi is opening Toco’s collection on the catwalk @Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport










Mhairi on the catwalk @SIFF-Glasgow 2018
With Straw blocked headpiece
Photo by Paul Francis McGugan
Designer : Toshiko Cave – Toco


Love this image❤️ Mhairi is wearing quirky headpiece for Light and Mirror ❤️
Photographer : Darja Bilyk @dashiee
Model in Gold : Mhairi Waddell @mhairiwaddell1
Model in Silver : Heather Waddell @heatherwaddell1
MUA : Yvonne Lynch @shacade
Hairstylist : Marianna Coletta @mariannahair_
Designer : Toshiko Cave @tocofashion
Assistant : Patricia Waddell @patricia.waddell.9
Proud image 💓
@ferocemagazine June Vol 7 2019














Online hat hire


It is beautiful season for outing!

Royal ascot started today!! If you are planning, may not be ready this year for hiring, but plenty of other occasions to try out!!

Ladies, it is now ready to hire unique hat for easy way to just click on and receive your hat the day before your booking day!!

So try out

Hat hiring

It has been fantastic meeting with new people at the event, Edinburgh, Hopetoun, and Glasgow!!

I got lots of very nice feedback from wonderful people who I met.

Since, people have occasions to wear the hat at Race meeting, Wedding, Garden Party, Religion ceremony, Graduation party, etc.

This is the classic Ascot Race Meeting image of Audrey Hepburn!! I love the image of her and this black and white hat!!

I hire my unique hats and headpieces, fascinators.

Price starts reasonable as £12 / day + P/P.  For posting minimum hire from 3 days.

If you prefer to try out the hat, you can contact me and arrange the day.

Tocofashion has variety of unique hats for hiring. They will be unique hats for photoshoot from fashion show, soon.

Currently working on easy hiring system on website, but meantime, if you have particular hat, would like to hire from

and copy the link and contact me, I will arrange the hiring!!

So, ladies it is the season for dressing up and outing! Please try tocofashion’s fantastic hats!

#GNI Edinburgh

Tocofashion was showing and exhibiting #GNI Edinburgh last night.

Put the stuff in to the car, 4 hat boxes, 1 mannequin, banner, 2 hat stands, 2 dresses and step…



This is the display at #GNI

Black dress and hat on the left was in the show.

Sage dress in the middle also designed and made by me matching with the hat.

Thank you and nice to seeing all the people who came to talk to me!



Here is the wonderful highlight from the night from SWD website

<Mother of Bride/Groom hats by Tocofashion >

<Bridal hats and headpiece by Tocofashion >

< Bridal headpieces  by Tocofashion >

Fascinator isn’t familiar name!!


When I was studying millinery in London, we were learning

millinery skills from our teacher who used to work for

traditional milliner.

We have never learnt the word ” Fascinator! ”

We learnt ladies hats – Cocktail, Toque, Turban, Trilby, Couture hat, Cloche, Headpiece, Headdress, Comb, Hair accessories,  etc.

Since, I started living in Scotland in 2012. Already the word fascinator was

taking the millinery world over…

Since people are using fascinator as hair accessories and extending to hats, I designed and made this

” Mother of Bride/Groom Fascinator “

Fuchsia Mother of Bride/Groom Hat

I have been actively making new hats recently….non stop!!

This time, beautiful flower “Fuchsia”. Friend from Venezuela said, it is called “Queen’s earrings “!

I love the contrast and bold colour.

fuchsia flower bold and elegant in the garden.

fuchsia flower bold and elegant in the garden.

Originally working on this,

fuchsia hat working on progress

fuchsia hat when I start working on contrast was this way.




Eventually, I changed to like this!!

If you have wedding or garden party, Race meeting to attend,

Why don’t you contact me? I can make your hat for you colour!

Fuchshia 1

fuchsia hat duchess satin bold and elegant trimming.

Mother of Bride hat

Love this time of the year. Green and new life is getting appearing.

I found daffodil in my garden yesterday.

Spring 17.3.16

Spring is here in Scotland!!

I created just describe the image of fresh Spring/early Summer.


Here is the new hat in Sage green – Beautiful sheen of duchess satin with nice draped bow.

Tilted tall crown with down brim

Available in any colour for bespoke order.

Hire : Occasion hat

Sage Mother of Bride 3