#GNI Edinburgh

Tocofashion was showing and exhibiting #GNI Edinburgh last night.

Put the stuff in to the car, 4 hat boxes, 1 mannequin, banner, 2 hat stands, 2 dresses and step…



This is the display at #GNI

Black dress and hat on the left was in the show.

Sage dress in the middle also designed and made by me matching with the hat.

Thank you and nice to seeing all the people who came to talk to me!



Here is the wonderful highlight from the night from SWD website


<Mother of Bride/Groom hats by Tocofashion >

<Bridal hats and headpiece by Tocofashion >

< Bridal headpieces  by Tocofashion >

#GNI Wedding inspiration

#GNI is event to give brides, maids and mums

a relaxed, girly evening packed full of wedding inspiration and styling trends

hosted by Team SWD

I will be showing new hats for Mother of Bride/Groom, Bridal for the fashion show and stall.

Ideal for Bride,mum, and maids to enjoy the night out!!

We can talk about the idea of hat, headpiece,you would like to have.

5 tickets are available to give away📣

If you would like to secure the tickets, please contact via http://tocofashion.com/contact/

Looking forward seeing you !

Thursday 28 April 6-9 pm @ The George Hotel in Edinburgh

<tickets >Tickets are £5/person