Just thinking about what I have been doing for my whole life, and looking at the photo from 20 years ago,,,
Perhaps not much different what I have been doing…
Does it mean I am same all myself??
I don’t think so, because, what I am trying to do is much better than yesterday.

When I was in 20’s I was much braver and much agile than now, but I had much limited view than now…

What I am trying to say is I am constantly enjoying and creating new things for such a long time. Perhaps I have never been well known, but my imagination and passion are big enough to express my creativity in public for such a long time.
I am progressing slowly in my pace…

Mini collection

I am constantly making mini collections and creating the outstanding images and publishing with lots of creatives in Scotland.

Recently, lucky enough to invited to do experienced photographer who was keen to work with fashion designer ( It’s me! ).

We had a meeting earlier in May, to plan about the shoot eventually mid August.

I had to create a few collection in between, but had plenty of time to think what I wanted to do and kept updating our plan.

I always start drawing to make small collection. Of course, hat and dress together…

Jeremy was holding on gorgeous venue for the shoot in country side of Scotland.

So I wanted something different and wearable for special occasions or garden party.

My mini collection called ” Luxury Resort ” start shaping.









Then order the fabric….and start making shapes with the pattern cut.

Processing the pattern cut











First I was thinking to do just White colour outfits..

Sailor collar Jump suits style with elegant lime big brim headpiece to go with.












but in the end, I really started adding colour for the set.

Lime chiffon dress has right bias drape. I added lining.













Irish linen luxury dress ( has big slit both side ) with natural straw big visor














Love the result! and love the photo shoot!!

If anybody interested in getting bespoke order top to toe, please contact me via email or phone! I can help! 🙂


I got feature from Xclusive photo mag

Link :

Venue :

Doris, Emma, Sabina by Jeremy Lavender MUA Sammie Hayes, Hair Marianna Colleta, Dress and Hats by Toshiko Cave – Tocofashion