New Era and new start

Japanese Era will be changing soon. 
” Heisei ”  to ” Reiwa “.
” Reiwa ” will start on 1st of May 2019.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga holds up a placard showing the kanji for Reiwa, the name of the next Imperial era, during a news conference Monday at the Prime Minister's Office in Tokyo. | SATOKO KAWASAKI

Reiwa is this character

Because emperor Akihito will abdicate and Naruhito will be crowned.

I was bone in ” Showa ” era that lasted 63 years.
” Heisei ” is now the 31st year and this will be changed to ” Reiwa Gannen ( beginning of the year ) ”

I am feeling already lots of challenges ahead in my life.
My son was born in the same year as the new emperor ‘s daughter Princess Aiko.

They will have a new beginning of adulthood.
Wishing of all the great future for young people and all of us. 🙂




Name of colour


Just thinking about the name of col0ur how poetic can be! 
So many new names appear every year, and enjoy looking at the name of colour!

When I was a child my Crayon and Watercolor had lots of “Japanese names” called “Wairo” that comes from nature.

I remember “Oudo-iro” ( Yellow soil )  is my least favorite because it gets hard very easily.
“Gunjyou-iro” (Ultramarine ) was my favorite. I don’t know just I loved the name.
”Yamabuki-iro”(Bright yellow) is we saw the flower all the time on the way to go to nursery school.

“karashi-iro” ( Mustard yellow) is spot on so I can almost taste the colour!
“Enji-iro” ( Burgundy ) I didn’t know the meaning but I know the colour…

“Azuki-iro” ( Red bean colour ) is nice to picture the image colour but difficult to make it.

We loved driving our Suzuki Wagon R in “Nasukon” ( Aubergine Navy blue ) .


Aubergine Navy Blue

Perhaps, you can make up lots of different name from traditional food or dish ” Sekihan-iro” ( rice cooked with red bean-pale pink ),

“Tamagoyaki-iro”( omelet yellow ), “Tofu-iro”( Ivory like white ) , ” Beef Curry-iro “( dark yellow-brown),
“Crispy croquette”, “Konnyaku-iro” ( Pewter grey like grey) , ” Oinarisan-iro” ( Pale Brown ) ….I can’t stop now! 🙂


I copied from the FB post. 🙂

No photo description available.

Would you put makeup with those name of colour??? 🙂



Child play….


Typical Spring, I found daffodils blooming in our garden..


Dwarf Daffodil is busy flowering 🙂 First Spring sign I see in our garden.










But getting cold again…

I am lucky to work on the trendy mother of the Bride, and the wedding guest outfit.

I have been pattern cutting for number of years,,,

but I just realized today, “Origami” skills are quite useful for the pattern cutting.

Both are flat paper to create 3D object.



When I was a child, we played cats cradle and gomu-tobi ( Jumping over flex elastic rope)


dodge ball ( we were quite hardcore for those tournament, and practice!! )

Chainring( are my favorites!

but origami was my least favorite…

my son used to play at RAF museum in Hendon every week. when he was a little.

Now he can’t get enough of flying experience. No doubt he will aim for the aviation industry…

So, people, child play is the serious business, you never know it may indicate child career !!


Dressing up…
Dress code, and formal dress…
There are many rules…

I don’t have any formal occasion to attend…but

My first experience of formal was an award ceremony of
Worshipful Company of the Feltmakers millinery competition at Mansion House.
I didn’t have any evening dress as a foreign student.
My mum was very happy to make and send it to me from Japan to London, and my boyfriend (husband) had to hire the kilt.

Recently I am a fashion designer who designing and making outfits and hats together collections.

I think safe to say my background is millinery.

It is a long time ago, but time to time better to mention this rather than sleeping in the file 🙂

Turning 50, my right shoulder is getting painful even though I do my regular exercise every day.
I visited my doctor and he reckons better to see the physiotherapist.
My doctor is very dandy and his background is Royal Navy.
He dresses very neatly ( Tweed 3 piece with tie or bow tie and matching pocket chief )  and I have to mention all the time.

He said dressing nice makes people happy. 🙂
I totally agree.

People dress nicely to make people happy is very good for the environment!
So relax people. if you feel nice, that shows!!
I am happy to help to make you happy, that is the doctor ordered! 🙂


Just thinking about what I have been doing for my whole life, and looking at the photo from 20 years ago,,,
Perhaps not much different what I have been doing…
Does it mean I am same all myself??
I don’t think so, because, what I am trying to do is much better than yesterday.

When I was in 20’s I was much braver and much agile than now, but I had much limited view than now…

What I am trying to say is I am constantly enjoying and creating new things for such a long time. Perhaps I have never been well known, but my imagination and passion are big enough to express my creativity in public for such a long time.
I am progressing slowly in my pace…

My Mission

I am a slow starter, but I am hanging on and moving to a better vibe.
Just day to day work isn’t smooth due to all the circumstance…
So thank you for everybody who was helping and supporting me out for making me going all the years.

I am as a designer, I don’t want to make people misunderstanding me.
Since I am not a good speaker, I can’t explain very well myself ( I never do in English nor Japanese ). So I write my own thoughts from time to time to focus myself…( That is the blog for…)

I am a fashion designer who has a background of millinery that I used to get into all the time.

When I was working for Philip Treacy, I questioned lots of myself and world…straight from the graduation I was working there, I liked working there, I didn’t have enough base nor confidence to be a successful designer, but I left…
Recently I am thinking myself because I thought that is natural to have a passion to design your own collection of top to toe…

In my design mission, I have to have compliment on the headpiece/hat or some kind of accessories to finish off my design.

When I design something I just have to see all the balance that is my mission…It isn’t domination, but I have to create my world as a designer.


It is number half of 100, but sounds like 50%.
It is my age, I don’t feel anything different from yesterday but amazed myself as a number.

I am not much changed what people say since my 20’s.
Because of my mental age of 27.
I ‘ve tried to be better, to be good and to be the best for my life…..
I am forever 27. Not over not going back so just right age of my estimated mental age.
Since this is my blog, I celebrate my half way of 50% of achievement of my life.
Not too ambitious but not less progress just right with my speed of life achievement.
I don’t need to pose I am free from anything 🙂

New creation on the plate…

Christmas is near to us…

I like cooking all sort of things just for fun.

I made a pie that I proud of their taste, so just I thought good time to write about this season!

Image is 1 hour baking time, I had to bake further half hour, but it was bit too much ,so I would say 75-85 min is ideal baking time. And I didn’t graze the pie, but highly recommend to graze and put some trimming on top of the pie 🙂
I served with bacon, onion, garlic, and mushroom with cream and chopped parsley pasta ( the main purpose was clearing the fridge so I used leftover of pasta )
Slice of the pie, bottom layer – sausage meat, middle layer – boiled egg, and chopped olive
Top layer – Vegetarien Haggis

Toco’s Veggie Haggis and sausage pie

1 Short crust pastry ( Ready to use )

1 vegetarian Haggis ( Ready to use )

1 sausage meat ( Ready to use )

4 boiled eggs

1 egg or milk for graze on the pie

I used all ready to use the material. So there is no stress for the cooking!
Put the crusty pasty in the cake tin ( about 22 cm diameter 8 cm depth )
place the sausage meat in the case directly, so when you bake to make sure
the crust is baked on the bottom that is the indication of sausage meat is cooked.
Saved with roast vegetable and pasta salad, with gravy for the choice.
Bake in the meatloaf tin is good, too.
I think instead of crusty pastry, puff pastry also a good combination!
Instead of chopped olive, I suggest chestnuts for the Christmas time?!
I will try this for Burn’s supper… : )

Let me know if you try this at home!!

Service, rather than the products!

It has been a quick year.
I can’t tell it was a great year..

I lost my dearest dad it was very very very painful…
But same time, I have met many friends and family who are helpful and believing in me…
I am so lucky to meet people like them, and I would really love to continue helping and encouraging to be better each others.  

2019…It will be another challenging year.
I think as a human in general, it is important to be trying to be better yourself.

The past year, I have been making lots of products related designs…but I listen to my dad’s word ” life is all about ” Dan shari ”  – Art of decluttering and organzing
It will be my lifetime motivation! 

I shall try my best for your service in 2019.




My motive and my wish for Christmas!!


I am not the person excited about Christmas…
I love the decoration and display in the street and town.

But that is all I love about it….no no, I like family gathering…

I am happy to cook for the family around any time…

Just I couldn’t keep my space to be showroom condition…

2019 I will change that!!

Maybe just 3 weeks to Christmas, but still I have 4 weeks to start by end of the year!!

I started to clear my room…then my floor got a problem,,. it wasn’t easy as I wished…

I wish my motive and wish come true!!

Beautiful Christmas Display at Royal Palace 2018 from Royal Collection’s newsletter…