It is so painful to see the World treasure down….

Checking the news in the morning and seeing really sad news…

Shuri Castel in Okinawas has been burnt down….

Becasue we can see the image through the TV, it is almost unreal….like Notre-Dame de Paris fire, 911…

Those things remind me to read again – The Temple of the Golden Pavilion ( Kinkaku-ji by Yukio Mishima translated by Ivan Morris )…

Then there was a fire of KyoAni not long time ago…It is the speach from CEO of Kyoto Animation Studio after 3 months from the incident.

Notre-Dame Fire Updates

Notre-Dame Cathedral in September 2019 (Stock Photos from GiulianiBruno/Shutterstock)

Notre-Dame Updates: What We Know About the Cathedral Five Months After the Fire

Progress has being made 👍

It is so painful to see the image, but so strongly painful and had to write something about it….😢
But seeing the progress is wonderful 👍