Name of colour


Just thinking about the name of col0ur how poetic can be! 
So many new names appear every year, and enjoy looking at the name of colour!

When I was a child my Crayon and Watercolor had lots of “Japanese names” called “Wairo” that comes from nature.

I remember “Oudo-iro” ( Yellow soil )  is my least favorite because it gets hard very easily.
“Gunjyou-iro” (Ultramarine ) was my favorite. I don’t know just I loved the name.
”Yamabuki-iro”(Bright yellow) is we saw the flower all the time on the way to go to nursery school.

“karashi-iro” ( Mustard yellow) is spot on so I can almost taste the colour!
“Enji-iro” ( Burgundy ) I didn’t know the meaning but I know the colour…

“Azuki-iro” ( Red bean colour ) is nice to picture the image colour but difficult to make it.

We loved driving our Suzuki Wagon R in “Nasukon” ( Aubergine Navy blue ) .


Aubergine Navy Blue

Perhaps, you can make up lots of different name from traditional food or dish ” Sekihan-iro” ( rice cooked with red bean-pale pink ),

“Tamagoyaki-iro”( omelet yellow ), “Tofu-iro”( Ivory like white ) , ” Beef Curry-iro “( dark yellow-brown),
“Crispy croquette”, “Konnyaku-iro” ( Pewter grey like grey) , ” Oinarisan-iro” ( Pale Brown ) ….I can’t stop now! 🙂


I copied from the FB post. 🙂

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Would you put makeup with those name of colour??? 🙂