Time to time, nice to visit London and catching up with friend!

It was minor complaints, there was unexpecting payment for my hand luggage with Flybe…
I had to pay extra £35, because they have smaller capacity in the craft compartments.
So, I just sent my suits case back with carrier on the way back home, that way is far more reasonable.

Exhibition that unmissable was Dior in V&A.

It was fantastic to see all his work from the Princess Margaret, to representing following designer like,Yves Saint Laurant, Gian Franco Ferre, John Galliano…
I am so grateful to have fantastic fashion friend who is always kind to me to be around since my son was baby.
If I could visit Stanley Kubric exhibition @Design Museum, it was a great bonus but when we visited the tickets are all sold out…
It was good excuse to see “Clockwork Orance” once again!

According to my phone, I was walking 10000steps everyday, visiting exhibition is certainly healthy things!!

Prrincess Margaret 21st Birthday dress by Dior

Dior by John Galiano I beleive1997A/W

Dress making Toare example….this room displayed 100 of toare.

Mary Quant She was very far ahead for business mind in fashion and young culture.









Manga exhibition at British Museum ‘Sayonara Nippon’by Katsuhiro Ootomo

Meal @Akira in Japan House in High street Kensigton. Saikyo fried Salmon rice bowl with bento box!! Salmon was marinated in Saikyo miiso and fried, so great flavour and moist with crispy outside! Grilled eel is great in Hot Summer. add grated wasabi, and nori and pour stock tea to enjoy 2nd flavour.

Mitsumasa Anno exhibition @ Japan House He was a school teacher, and from his comment for his student picture diary. Kind and humorous comments show his soft caractor…

reflection magic! 3D art works by Mitsumasa Anno.

Queen’s 90th Exhibition

It has been already finished…but it was wonderful to visit Buckingham palace to see Queen’s 90th exhibition.

Her wardrobe is  just anybody is dream!!! Every dress details are amazing and her beautiful looks are carefully designed and meaningful for her missions.

Along the story and dresses display were almost emotional how wonderfully made.

It was grateful to see all the millinery works of her wardrobe!!!

Link from : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbKlDuCED2xyZY4i-tTR0tQ


Autumn Exhibition in Japan.

Currently exhibiting in Japan without me!

I got some pictures through friend’s relation.

It is very strange feeling seeing my hats are exhibiting without my attendance and all done by Gallery and support by Flower arrangement artist Mr. Hagiya.

Other creates have different view. I am enjoying differences! Same time I learnt I should point out how to show







photo by Megumi Murayama


Corsage can be revitalised with gentle steam! photo by Megumi Murayama


Japanese bamboo! Clever way of displaying! Photo by Megumi Murayama