Process of the bespoke service…

The process of the bespoke service…

I live with you, so understand the lifestyle has changed now…

I was brought up in Japan.

My mum used to make my clothes including  jumper,  School Uniform ( Hand knitted, machine knitted, occasion dress, jacket, coat, and cape, hand embroidered napkins for my school lunch and bag. )  everything from scratch for all 4 kids…

So I couldn’t buy the clothes until my teenage. ( I know I was so spoiled to have a wonderful mum who made all my clothes. )
I am used to designing my clothes and my mum make them for me.

Most of the clothes took 2-4 weeks, but she never did like her job, just for family members.

Perhaps, that is the reason, I can’t help making stuff.

I have the desire to buy things.
Most of my clothes are from the supermarket ( recently ) or charity shop never from online…

Occasionally I alter my outfits to make it completely different.

Bargen from the high street retail shop.

It was a dress but Length was not my style, so I chopped and made a top. Rest of the fabric became matching flat cap. I got complements many occasions from the people when I wear them even at the supermarket.. lol


I used rest of the fabric and added similar faux leather. And I wear a black leather pencil skirt to finish!!














That way, not wasting and keeping a style for you, too. 🙂

People’s conscious is changing slowly and big way.

Bespoke process

Making something from the theme is one of my favorite exercise.

Got contacted from the talented MUA who I worked many occasions.

She was preparing wedding image for the shoot and wanted to make dream shoot!

It was July, and I had rough image of Hollywood grammar.

Then in August, talked her and she wanted to do something Gatsby era.

So, I wanted something different and elegant side of Gatsby.

Image result for Gatsby

The Great Gatsby ( 2013 ) Director : ‎Baz Luhrmann

This is the typical bespoke process for what I do. Depending on the design and style,

Normally I need at least 4 weeks to do proper job for 2,3 designs.

I wanted something me and era…

When I get bespoke order,I normally design from drawing image first and always matching hat or headdress to go with.

People like my drawing and I love to clarify whole top to toe image.

Tussles and Bob hair with Oriental flavor

Fringe and lace are good friend with 20’s style













These are the design I will make for the dream shoot!!

Next process was ordering fabric, and pattern cutting.


After making the pattern, place on to the body and see the shape.
















Long pattern is the very difficult job for cutting. Find the flat place is essential.






















Fringe and Lace and pearls are friends with 20’s style!!

Tussle and chiffon simple elegant is my target point
















Fitting with the model ( Lovely Kart ) before the shoot!!

Learn her height with the shoes on, decided the trains length.














Makeup with Lovely Karen who organized this shoot!

Hair by Marianna. she has created 20’s glamour using pin curl with finger curl technique!!


















Lovely photographer, Derek Dunlop is setting the position and capture the image..
Beautiful bespoke flower by Roses and Poses created for 20’s style based green and white very Chic! Gorgeous Model Kart is at Beautiful country park of Chatelherault country park



















Luxurious Faux Fur Long cover up by Fantastic Designer Naldo Gi
And you know what? This image made to front cover of Ultimate Wedding magazine 30th anniversary issue in December 21 2017 !!!




















And Here is the lovely Derek Dunlop Photography his side of story!! Beautiful images!!
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The Dream Team :

MUA – Karen Wong

Hair Stylist – Marianna Coletta

Model – Kart Tori

Designer – Toshiko Cave

Designer – Rinaldo Girasoli

Location – Chatelherault-country-park