It is number half of 100, but sounds like 50%.
It is my age, I don’t feel anything different from yesterday but amazed myself as a number.

I am not much changed what people say since my 20’s.
Because of my mental age of 27.
I ‘ve tried to be better, to be good and to be the best for my life…..
I am forever 27. Not over not going back so just right age of my estimated mental age.
Since this is my blog, I celebrate my half way of 50% of achievement of my life.
Not too ambitious but not less progress just right with my speed of life achievement.
I don’t need to pose I am free from anything 🙂

New creation on the plate…

Christmas is near to us…

I like cooking all sort of things just for fun.

I made a pie that I proud of their taste, so just I thought good time to write about this season!

Image is 1 hour baking time, I had to bake further half hour, but it was bit too much ,so I would say 75-85 min is ideal baking time. And I didn’t graze the pie, but highly recommend to graze and put some trimming on top of the pie 🙂
I served with bacon, onion, garlic, and mushroom with cream and chopped parsley pasta ( the main purpose was clearing the fridge so I used leftover of pasta )
Slice of the pie, bottom layer – sausage meat, middle layer – boiled egg, and chopped olive
Top layer – Vegetarien Haggis

Toco’s Veggie Haggis and sausage pie

1 Short crust pastry ( Ready to use )

1 vegetarian Haggis ( Ready to use )

1 sausage meat ( Ready to use )

4 boiled eggs

1 egg or milk for graze on the pie

I used all ready to use the material. So there is no stress for the cooking!
Put the crusty pasty in the cake tin ( about 22 cm diameter 8 cm depth )
place the sausage meat in the case directly, so when you bake to make sure
the crust is baked on the bottom that is the indication of sausage meat is cooked.
Saved with roast vegetable and pasta salad, with gravy for the choice.
Bake in the meatloaf tin is good, too.
I think instead of crusty pastry, puff pastry also a good combination!
Instead of chopped olive, I suggest chestnuts for the Christmas time?!
I will try this for Burn’s supper… : )

Let me know if you try this at home!!

Service, rather than the products!

It has been a quick year.
I can’t tell it was a great year..

I lost my dearest dad it was very very very painful…
But same time, I have met many friends and family who are helpful and believing in me…
I am so lucky to meet people like them, and I would really love to continue helping and encouraging to be better each others.  

2019…It will be another challenging year.
I think as a human in general, it is important to be trying to be better yourself.

The past year, I have been making lots of products related designs…but I listen to my dad’s word ” life is all about ” Dan shari ”  – Art of decluttering and organzing
It will be my lifetime motivation! 

I shall try my best for your service in 2019.




Now I am doing business as usual for Clare Workman


It was quick 2014 is going.

Clare Workman is very talented milliner designer who is retired for good.

She has served many customers over her working years.

I was the lucky one to take her business over from now on.

Thank you very much, Clare for support and her passion to millinery work!



Nearly Christmas.

I was busy packing for today,Bold Souls in Glasgow.

This year, hubby and son were putting the tree decoration together!



Look he is an actor!! He is saying Hurry up,mum!!

Doesn’t show does he!!





DSC_0051I am preparing for pop up shop in Glasgow.


Since I am doing for the first time in city of Glasgow,


I thought would be better I look a little bit different!


I was putting nail extensions. but I had to iron this morning.

So not practical for my job at all!

I love nails. but when I am completely off I will do that!!!






London Trip

I went down to London for first the time in 7 years!  It has been a long time!

It was wonderful to see my dear friend. She’s been living in Zurich, after we were studying together, went our different ways.


Me and my dear friend spent a magical time, night and day,conversations non stop..

It is like the statue of Eros in Piccadilly. 2013 Christmas will be magical!

I am just wising magical moment continue as long as we do our best.

Love xx



Wedding Fair

Hi, I am busy preparing to exhibit at wedding fair.

Local boutique Di is asking me to share the table!!

This time I am making the hats for the wedding customers. Exciting!

DSC_0056 DSC_0054 DSC_0055







This is my workroom window. thinking about displays! Still lots of things to be done!

Now.I have to remember the clock go back on Sunday the 27th October!

Please come to visit us on Sunday!!

Detail is :

News release

Linlithgow Burgh Halls cordially invites you …

The team at Linlithgow Burgh Halls and local wedding suppliers are ready, willing and able to make your big day an event to remember.

To help make planning your wedding a little bit easier and to take some of the strain away, Linlithgow Burgh Halls has organised a special Wedding Fair on Sunday 27 October from 12pm to 4pm.  Brides and grooms to be and their families are cordially invited to attend.

To get the event off to a sparkling start everyone (over 18s only) will be offered a welcome drink of bubbly as they arrive.

Along with an opportunity to meet a range of local wedding suppliers, there will be special offers available on wedding packages.  Linlithgow Burgh Halls is also offering a fabulous 20% discount on room hire if it is booked at the event.

Thirza Hockaday, Linlithgow Burgh Halls venue co-ordinator, commented: “Sitting in front of the iconic Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow Burgh Halls is a unique venue for a wedding.  The Wedding Fair is a fantastic opportunity for people to visit the venue, meet the staff here and a range of local suppliers.  We are all committed to making your wedding day special and memorable.”

For more information please call Linlithgow Burgh Halls on 01506 282720 or email:burgh.halls@westlothian.gov.uk



First time playing golf is first time in course!!

Basically I am loving playing golf !! I always interested in playing. I used to play billiard. Once I came to UK, started to play pool.

Don’t know about good or bad, but I enjoy playing them.

Perhaps, I love playing ball into hole?!

It was an unexpected opportunity. My son’s competition partner with adult. My hubby was planning to play, but since he is programming everyday,

his arms not great condition. so I decided to play instead of him the day before at the driving range. Hubby was looking at me

and taking video and picture.so I can check what is wrong with my shot. It is outrage to go on course without any experience.

But any  time is the first time for me. I was feeling sorry to playing awful shot to team Cave member of son! So I keep saying ‘sorry’.

Then he said ‘ Stop saying sorry all the time!’ Of course me put everybody down! End of the day, it is competition. and gentlemen and ladies sports!

Of course, result wasn’t great. I even over stretched my left thumb…. But thanks to my great ‘Jikyoujyutu’ exercise. Almost cleared after few days of


Now I can not wait my son’s lesson….

I am deferentially into this sports now….

Bridal headpiece

I was making bridal headpiece for a customer.

I made this by using quality  embroidered lace provided by local boutique who does wonderful work.

I have been asked to make a “Great Gatsby”-like head dress.

Pearl, Diamante, lace, blue…..

DSC_0012 DSC_0009 DSC_0010







Wedding can be stressful, but we had hand made wedding when we just started settling in London.

We didn’t have enough budget to put into.

We got lot of help from work mates and friends and family and Great Boss!!

I can not say enough thank you to all who helped us to put them together.

I made my wedding dress myself which is kimono like dress.


And my Great boss in London kindly to lend me 35000 pounds worth Wedding Kimono from Japan.

I didn’t know it was bad luck to make the wedding dress by myself….Somehow keeping on for 15 long years together…Thanks to great boss!!

So I was wearing Kimono, my hubby was wearing Kilt. Of course middle in London’s register office had never seen such a wedding before.

Unique wedding is great. Even I had money I wouldn’t go for traditional wedding.

I highly recommend for people who are going to marry, just design own wedding for big event for your life!