I love driving….

I have been driving for long time….

I can drive anywhere if I have a google map available.

When I started driving in the UK, I wasn’t familiar with the round about.

Once you get used to dual round about, it is not so much difficult.

Better than traffic light, I guess. 🙂

Then, I realize if you are driving different side of the road?????  That is the roundabout in Paris….. 🙂

「road in UK」の画像検索結果

Image from Google road in UK.     This is more like it!! But watch out for pot holes and black ice during Winter!

Today, mid in March.., we had lots of snow last night.

Full of obstacle….

Paddles or pot holes, and Paddle and pot hole….

We recently changed to new tyres, no doubt to spend more service in Spring… ;(

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