New creation on the plate…

Christmas is near to us…

I like cooking all sort of things just for fun.

I made a pie that I proud of their taste, so just I thought good time to write about this season!

Image is 1 hour baking time, I had to bake further half hour, but it was bit too much ,so I would say 75-85 min is ideal baking time. And I didn’t graze the pie, but highly recommend to graze and put some trimming on top of the pie 🙂
I served with bacon, onion, garlic, and mushroom with cream and chopped parsley pasta ( the main purpose was clearing the fridge so I used leftover of pasta )
Slice of the pie, bottom layer – sausage meat, middle layer – boiled egg, and chopped olive
Top layer – Vegetarien Haggis

Toco’s Veggie Haggis and sausage pie

1 Short crust pastry ( Ready to use )

1 vegetarian Haggis ( Ready to use )

1 sausage meat ( Ready to use )

4 boiled eggs

1 egg or milk for graze on the pie

I used all ready to use the material. So there is no stress for the cooking!
Put the crusty pasty in the cake tin ( about 22 cm diameter 8 cm depth )
place the sausage meat in the case directly, so when you bake to make sure
the crust is baked on the bottom that is the indication of sausage meat is cooked.
Saved with roast vegetable and pasta salad, with gravy for the choice.
Bake in the meatloaf tin is good, too.
I think instead of crusty pastry, puff pastry also a good combination!
Instead of chopped olive, I suggest chestnuts for the Christmas time?!
I will try this for Burn’s supper… : )

Let me know if you try this at home!!

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