Lady’s Mantle


What a lovely name of the flower!!

Lady’s Mantle…….Alchemilla Mollis

They are the delicate lime colour with the small star-shaped flower.

The reason called Lady’s Mantle, leaves are tacked in and once it opens shapes like


Waterproof Lady’s Mantle by Toco Italian Cotton with Waterproof treatment in Black and Silver grey. 🙂










I found them on the walking route, and seems the end of a flowering season,

so I picked a small branch.

Alchemilla Mollis. Lady’s Mantle is the shape of leaves….Pretty flowers and lady’s friend!!

According to the plant’s guide, they are lady’s friend.


Herbal remedy, the purpose of using the leaves for herbal tea.

They are highly recommended during the period and bleeding womb.

Very safe to take and even preventing miscarriage.

I may try herb tea myself,

once I get the flower in my garden next season!!





Reference : Richard Whelan

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