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Terms and Conditions for Hat Hire and Bespoke order

By visiting this site and/or hiring a hat from it, you agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the site and of Tocofashion as set herein this page.

When you hire a hat from Tocofashion, you agree to the following;

1) You will take full responsibility for the care and condition of the hat once you receive it.

Please take good care of the hat when you receive it. Also, we do realise the unpredictability of the British weather, but do please use an umbrella if it starts to rain. Hats are delicate objects and we’d obviously love to get the hat back in the condition we sent it out to you 🙂

2) You will take care of the packaging and hat box that the hat gets delivered with.

Please take note of how the hat was packaged when you received it. Store all packaging and package fasteners within the hat box, ready for repackaging the hat for return. When repackaging, please do so in the same way it was when you received it. Remember to return the hat safely for your responsibility.

3) You will return the hat in good time.

Please don’t forget to return the hat at the end of your hire period! You will be charged at the hire rate for any extra time the hat is within your possession that is outwith the agreed hire period.

4) You are liable for damage to the hat while it is in your possession.

At time of hire, If the hat becomes irreparably damaged whilst in your care, you will be charged for the purchase price of the hat

(Bespoke hat price is indicated on page that you hire), minus the hire cost you originally paid. This is only fair, after all, as we will have to replace the hat.

If damage occurs which is repairable, we will charge you the cost of repair – comprising of cost of materials and time required to effect the repair.

5) You will pay for the hat if it is not returned.

If you do not return the hat, we will charge you for the full purchase price, minus the cost of the original hire period.


Terms and Conditions for Purchasing…

By visiting this site and/or making a purchase from it, you agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the site and of Tocofashion as set herein this page.

Ordering and delivery

All prices on this website are shown without Postage added. Postage will be calculated at the time of viewing the Shopping Cart, and Checkout. The cost of delivery is calculated and displayed by way of the delivery choices available at the Cart and/or Checkout.

Posting of orders is usually done during normal business weekdays (Mondays-Fridays). We cannot, of course, post during days when the postage companies are not open. We may be able to post on a Saturday morning however, if the posting depot is open and available.

Returns Policy

Tocofashion will do their utmost to deliver to you exactly the item/items/services you have ordered, as described and shown on the online shop, or agreed to by other means such as email/telephone call.

Tocofashion will try to ensure that the hats/products/services you receive from us;

  • Match their description
  • Be of satisfactory quality
  • Be fit for purpose

If you the customer find that the hat you purchased does not meet the above criteria, then Tocofashion will attempt to resolve the matter in as speedy and helpful way possible. This may be in the form of a full or partial refund, or repair, or replacement. 

Please refer to the sale and supply of goods information page at  https://www.businesscompanion.info/en/quick-guides/goods/the-sale-and-supply-of-goods-before-1-october-2015

Tocofashion expects the customer to pay for the cost of the return of goods, however Tocofashion may pay for this if we are at fault. Tocofshion are willing to negotiate with the customer on this matter.

Order Cancellation

If you buy goods from Tocofashion online, by telephone, or by mail order, you have the right to cancel an order from the moment you place it, up to seven working days from the day after you receive the goods, however, please read and understand the next statement;

Important : Tocofashion considers their hats to be “tailor-made”, due to the specification of size and colour by the customer, and due to the fact that the hats are designed and hand made by Toshiko Cave of Tocofashion. This means that a customer cannot return a hat simply because they have changed their mind – in other words, if you order a hat from Tocofashion, and it matches the description, is of satisfactory quality, and is fit for purpose, you cannot return it simply because you have changed your mind and/or do not want it any more.

General Terms and Conditions…


In order for Tocofashion to process and deliver your order, your personal information needs to be collected by us. This means that, your registration of your details on this website is your consent to Tocofashion to hold your personal data. Tocofashion will NOT disclose or share this data with any other company. We may use the data to send you emails detailing special offers and news. If you wish not to receive promotional emails from Tocofashion, then please let us know.


This website utilises HTTP Cookies. An explanation of what cookies are, is available here. Tocofashion uses cookies primarily for use by the online shop. If you choose to block cookies created by the website, you may lose functionality of the website, and might not be able to complete an online order.


All content and logos within this website is the copyright of Tocofashion. You may send a link to or a snapshot of the content of this site to any social media, person, or company, provided that the content of the link is unaltered, doctored, or changed in any way.

All personally designed hat designs and cutting patterns are the property and copyright of Toshiko Cave.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

Tocofashion reserves the right to change the content of these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice.

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