About Toco

About Toco

Toco is a  bespoke fashion designer from Japan with milliner back ground.

She designs, pattern cuts, and make a collection of whole process herself.


Toco studied fashion in Bunka fashion college, worked as a hat designer for 4 and half  years producing well sell hats for ladies in Japan.

Toco studied and graduated in merit in Kensington and Chelsea College in London to study couture hats


– First prize Award in Feltmakers millinery, Hennessy cognac  millinery competition finalist, BBC Clothes show millinery competition finalist.

After the graduations, worked prestigious designer Phillip Treacy was a fantastic experience.

Also worked for traditional milliners and collaborated with several designers.


Designing and showing couture hats and matching outfit – in Alternative fashion week 1998.1999,2000

After marriage and raising son, Toco and family moved to Japan for 7 and half years.

Toco Served many customers in London, Japan, finally started business in Scotland in 2013.

Toco start designing and making collection of top to toe design since in fashion college, but her passion carried on much serious.


Designing and making the hats/headpieces, dresses for individual requirements, and introducing new collections.


– Bold 2014, FA 15, Talent 2015,Checkmate 2016, #GNI2016, KFFI 2017 Edinburgh, KFFI 2018 Glasgow, SIFF 2018, popup in Hopeton end of May event since 2014.


Bespoke order Dress and Hat are welcome for Wedding to smart casuals, Gala and performance of any request.


Allow 6 weeks in advance for leading source of material and designing of process.


As Toshiko Cave wth her over 30 hats collection a week at Odakyu Department store in Tokyo 2012

show backstage

Talent 2015 fashion show Toco showed 9 hats and dresses collection which she designed and pattern cut and made herself.

Toco normally works from sketch for designing process. 1920’s inspiration of bespoke wedding dress October 2017



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