“Black and Red”

Recently, I am working on image development.

Today, we had another wonderful photoshooting!! I will write about it after the photo will be published.

I wanted to achieve “Black and Red” image!

Here is the process 1,2,3 or more!!

Toco New dress and 1998 Headpiece  idea for 2016 August shoot

Design is my favourite process, but building actual product is tricky, but I love the challenge.

Pattern black and red

To make dress, have to make pattern cut first! That is needing lots of calculation and imagination!!

cutting materials

Choosing right material with the design, also using right interface are quite a chance, but always learn from the experience.


Black and Red Dresses final

Crepe satin is great material for draping which I love.

Moodboard Black and Red

Mood board!! I love classic elegance and bold image!


Photoshoot, hillshead bookclub 17.8.2016

Photo shoot Day!! Dresses and hats are nicely made up real models!





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